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A dirty deed or two

Content Notice ~ #DomesticDisharmony, Theft and Sex are contained within this piece of fiction…

Conflicting Thoughts

I can hardly bare to look. My cock is straining against the fabric of my boxers and at odds with the thoughts in my mind. As I raise my eyes to meet her gaze sweat drips onto the lids slightly obscuring the sight before me.  But I force myself to focus on her face. Mouth slightly open, long black hair swaying with the shunting motion of her body as Calum continues his relentless fucking of her arse.

My hand snakes through my flies taking hold of my dick. Without realising a slight moan escapes me and I think back to how I got myself into this situation.

I will never forget when she found out.

My Dirty Deed is Discovered

I had just arrived back from the supermarket and knew immediately something was up. Maggie would always greet me at the door wanting to know what food I’d bought. She loves my cooking and says anticipating the meal is almost as good as eating it. But on this occasion she never left her desk. Head slumped down. Fingers tapping away at the keyboard.

After putting the shopping away I walked into the room and threw a couple more logs on the hearth. It was a cold February evening. Still seated she swiveled her chair around, eyes blazing, reflecting the flames from the fire,  and spoke, calm and deliberate.

“Right John.  Are you going to tell me why the accounts show a loss of nearly two bloody grand?”

“Eh. What do you mean?”

“I mean the company money is not ours to take. The accountant has resigned with his finger pointing firmly at YOU.”

My palms felt sticky and I suddenly needed a piss. Maggie followed me into the bathroom and stood behind, continuing a barrage of questions, as I peed into the bowl.

Telling the Truth

What did I bloody expect? Stealing from the fund.

It happened in mid December. I wanted Maggie to think my new business was going well. It wasn’t. The stolen money payed for the family Christmas we all enjoyed.

Returning to the sitting room I knew there was only one thing for it, I’d have to tell the truth. Falling to my knees I grabbed at her legs, my faced tilted up and spluttered out an apology.

“Please forgive me. I did it for us. For you and the kids. Tell me what I can do to make it up.”

Without hesitation she pushed me to the floor and shrieked,

“How dare you soil me and my children with your dirty deed. We are done. Broken. I can’t even bring myself to look at you.”

A Second Dirty Deed

The stale mate continued for a week. Then, Maggie made it clear how we were to move on. I was to work out a way to pay back the creditors. Not only that, she wanted to trump my dirty deed with one of her own.

“Let me make sure I have got this right. You want my mate Calum to fuck you while I am forced to watch.” I stated still unable to believe what she was asking.

“Yep. You got it.  I have fancied him for ages and since I can’t bring myself to be touched by you because of your appalling actions I don’t see why I should miss out. So sort it.”

Possessive Thoughts

I wrestled with my jealousy for two days. She was mine – to have and to hold – not for someone else to take and use. My heart palpitated with the thought of it. But what if she kicked me out? With that thought I picked up the phone and called Calum.  He didn’t need asking twice. It was clear they had already spoken. Probably planned it behind my back. I felt sick with my stupidity. Maggie may forgive me, but she would never let me forget. I was sure of that.


So, there you have it. That is how I find myself tugging at my cock watching Calum fuck my wife on the floor – in the arse.  A place I have never been allowed. My heart is crushed but the vision before me transcends any hurt and I cannot halt my carnal need to come – atoned.

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Forgive and forget a dirty deed #151
#418 ~ Truth

26 thoughts on “A dirty deed or two”

    1. Thanks Missy – i enjoyed writing it – i think we all drag a little bit of a truth – no matter who it belongs to into our fiction x

  1. I am not sure how this is a punishment if he enjoyed himself… I’m thinking he needed to be tied up or caged, made impotent in a psychological way.

    Great story ?

  2. A tasty morsel of a story May. As soon as I read a line like ‘I had just returned from the supermarket..’ I know I’m in for a good time. I relax, and settle down for a May special. xx

  3. This was a great story May – I too liked the ‘flipped’ order in which the action unfolded. I think you are right to always embed some truth in your fiction, that’s how I do it as I think it adds to the believable nature of the actions / reactions etc.

    I think the guy was inherently weak and the woman sounds like she was top dog even if John didn’t realise! (topping from the bottom). Sassy has a point in wondering why he didn’t fight harder against Maggie’s demands.

  4. Wow! This is great. I could feel his envy, but then I put myself in her shoes and thought she must be a bit angry that he didn’t put up much of a fight for her and against her demand.

    1. Yes that’s an interesting thought – I once decided to leave a partner and when i told them they just accepted it – and i often looked back and wondered why they did not fight just a little for me to stay
      May x

      1. Having just gone through a break up of a traditional marriage of 20 years with a partner who when offered a chance to go to counseling chose not to, I understand that love takes many forms and that unconditional love continues loving without reciprocation and finds fulfillment in the oddest ways. A Poly family is the outcome of our relationship “break up”, which wast the formation of a bigger extended family with even more love. It take all types.

        By the way May that was an awesome story….

          1. Thanks
            So many thoughts running through my head on topics raised in this story as well as the blog Post on being Queer. Struggling with the desire to write and the need to do my paying job!!!!

  5. This was an interesting format. I liked the way you started and progressed to the ending so we learn what the start was all about. I find myself wondering whatever happened to them.

  6. I like how you give us that initial hint of what’s to come, then go back ‘to the start’ and take us through the story and then the conclusion makes it all make sense! It’s a craft you are really good at

    1. As you know I like to create my fiction with an undercurrent of reality. But, maybe I need to challenge myself and write fantasy one day 😉
      Glad you like it xx

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