August 2019

August 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

August 2019 gave most of us in the UK a heat wave, and my world began to calm down a little.  Although I still find myself feeling very emotional about silly things.

I think my header image really depicts the end of August. Fading into the Autumn.

But enough of me nattering lets get on to the work I’ve done and my August 2019 SoSS recommendation.

My August 2019 Blogging Summary

Some of the writing on my blog

  • My most popular recently written post was all about my Taboos.
  • From the archives many of you are still determined to read about my man going commando.
  • I published the last couple of episodes of my series BARS and had so much fun  with them. And I received some absolutely amazing comments too. You can now read the whole series, though scroll down to the end for the first part.
  • I wrote a piece about my current troubles – returning from a bear hunt. An odd format,  but worked for me as I  have been looking back to when my kids were young.
  • My Man helped me out by penning a couple of posts about his colourful past. The first, Easy Money, landed in the Wicked Wednesday Roundup. And the second, my personal favourite about rituals, was shared by some of you lovely bloggers.
  • I was thrilled with a guest sex toy review from the fabulous Jupiter Grant. She really put the Petting Hippo through its paces.
  • And do you get SAD? Check out my second post on that subject.

Some of the Images on my Blog

These image were the most popular on my blog during August 2019 – Dancing Dirty.

And right at the start of the month I was chuffed to land in the Sinful Sunday roundup with a photo of me wandering naked among the lupins.

Work for Others.

  • I learned a lot about erotic hypnosis when I investigated the topic for The Fetish Site. I interviewed Deviant Succubus, who has personal experience of this technique. It was fun working together. If you want to know more then read the article.
  • The wonderful Bellesa have published a sex three part tale of mine. Journey by Moonlight it is about good old fashioned phone sex.  You can link to them here – Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three.

August Sharing SoSS

Images SoSS

Did I say I had a bit of a girlie crush on Lexy? Well have a look at this image from her site and you will understand why.

Copyright The Lexy Experiment


I didn’t see the power in this photo from Missy when I first looked at it but then when I explored it again I was so taken with its sexy subtlety . Not something we see too much of in our community 😉

Sharing the other stuff ~ I can relate to.

During this August 2019 SoSS I am using the theme of posts I relate to. For quite a few weeks my mind was set in a particular mode. Much of the time when I was reading I could only focus on posts that I could nod along to or connect with. Here are some of those. Many will be from #f4tFriday and #sb4mh as I am co-host for the former and do some admin for the later – which means I read most of the entries.


Writes about her voyage into blogging. It resonated so much with me.  “I can’t spell, I am raw and unpracticed, the only thing I really have going for me is I just happened to remember a lot of grammar rules. I jumped into this with both feet and absolutely no experience… ”  
That was me three years ago


Relays her concerns about her grown up son. I understand.  “I have spoken to the mental health team at his chosen university and they have given me advice on how to access support for him, and that makes me feel confident that he will be looked after there...”
~ I have similar concerns for my daughter right now.


Was in the F4tFriday roundup as I understood what she was saying. Well, recently I came to the realization, lightbulb moment, that I am not like them and I don’t write like them.I am my own person, write my own way and in my own style.I will never be like another person because I am who I am, not them…” 
~ I had this exact moment about a year ago. We are individuals and that is more than fine.


Made me smile with this post about the Taboo of female sexuality. My message is simple: Stop being offended. Take things for how they were intended. This commercial was a joke, a light-hearted way to bring a new product to people’s attention. It was not an insult. Just smile if you enjoyed it, or ignore it if you didn’t…”
~ I get so tired with having to worry about what we can laugh at and what is not PC, this was so refreshing.


Talks about being true to herself and not changing for others. “I have always changed myself to be who the man in my life wanted me to be. While the new relationship energy was buzzing, I didn’t noticed that I had changed. I was too busy with being in love. ”
~ I very much recognised myself here, in previous relationships.

Girl on the Net

Continually puts out relatable content.  This one about swapping clothes with her guy made me laugh.   “There’s nothing particularly feminine about my clothes, until he wears them. The bum-hugging denim clings as tightly to him as it does me, but for some reason the clinging is more obvious when it’s his bum and thighs stretching them out, instead of my own. The jumper clings around his waist, though it’s baggier towards the top where my tits would be” 
~ Happy memories of when I have done the same with my man.

SB4MH Melody’s Pick

In my July summary I highlighted one SB4MH entry, chosen by Melody. I help with admin on this site  but Melody has the job of reading all the posts. Last month she picked J.Lynn. This month we have an amazing, powerful poem from Jupiter Grant.

August 2019, Melody says ~

The images this presents of shame, weakness and degradation are palpable and powerful. I’ve read it several times and find more in it each time. There’s a darkness in it that I fear I know.

It is called Harm – it comes with a trigger warning.

Wot? No Fiction?

Oh go on then. I truly have not been in the frame of mine to read much but these two pieces are hot as fuck, if you need some light relief after the above personal narratives look no further.

Ria ~

The man was the Devil himself. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hip, so I knew he was getting off on making me show my true colors.

“Your filthy fucking slut,” I hissed.

A wicked grin spread across his face. “That’s right. And what do you crave?”  READ MORE…


Asrai ~ This is part two but there will be a link to part one.

I opened myself to him, the movements teasing me, my skin rippling with little shivers.

“Good pussycat,” he crooned. “Show me how you touch your clit.” His words licked me as good as his tongue on my clit.

I used one hand to keep myself open, the other to brush the pulsing center. READ MORE


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9 thoughts on “August 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS”

  1. I REALLY loved Liz’ about the taboo of female sexuality that you linked to — and thanks for including me. I saw my picture you chose as so sad at first (I felt sad) but I guess it’s growing on me. It looks lovely on your blog anyway.

  2. Brilliant round up may – lots that I agree with and many that I would have otherwise missed. Thanks for the links, I like your new groupings. Your Bars story was great and I enjoyed hearing your man’s voice from his guest posts.
    You’ve done incredibly well to keep blogging so seamlessly with troubles in your life to cope with. I hope you and your daughter can find your way out of the dark places you’ve found yourself recently – you both deserve to be able to step away from the issue.

  3. Oh May, I absolutely love the photo of the beautiful flowers! Try as I might, peering intensely into the photo, I could not spot a pair of wellies or an outrageous hat. And no sight of May! But, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a beautiful sheer gown and the famous May More breasts. I love reading your SoSS posts, and as I continue… !!!… is that a peeled parsnip I see? If I did an SoSS this week, it would be… BARS.

  4. What a brilliant roundup. I have been crazy busy and behind so there are quite a few links on here that I haven’t read and am keen to check out. Thank you so much for including my picture too and for your lovely comment about it ❤️

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