August ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

August ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

Not sure where August went really. We take our holiday in January so it was another busy working month for me.

Blogging Summary

A busy blogging month too. I registered fourteen posts, fulfilling the extra ones for the Summer 100 challenge. My most read post was all about face-slapping.

I have continued with my slightly taboo series. Always really enjoy writing that.

Somehow I came through round seven of the smut marathon in second place. I was over the moon.

Apart from my series I really enjoyed writing and received some great comments on the Sex Education post.

I achieved top five twice in the Sinful Sunday round-up in August and one of my SS shots from last month was chosen as the Elust magazine header. But my favourite image of the month from my blog didn’t make the cut and is this one.


Summer 100 SoSS

This is my last Summer 100 post and I would like to thank Isabelle and Victoria for hosting the three month challenge. I enjoyed creating the extra theme posts and particularly liked meeting these new-to-me bloggers as their work is awesome:

  • Ani – can this woman write.
  • Meg – always posts great consent
  • The Captain – Great posts and such fun.

Plus a blogger I already knew:

August Sharing ~ The Men

I always make notes as I go through the months reading and this month a lot of the posts I liked were by men. Which is great as I am sure women out-populate them in the sex-blogging world. Here are my favourites


I can’t tell you how sexy I find this image by Starcross.

Copyright Londonloveand lust

I recently came across a new blogger Mr Johnson who has written a very well rounded post about porn. Well worth a read.

Round 6 Sex Education

7 thoughts on “August ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

  1. I figured you might like that Starcross photo – can we expect some similar of your man in the near future?

  2. Great summary May! I too love that shot of you, the lace part-obscuring your breast and the tantalisingly blurry reflection of more of you in the mirror! What a team you and your man make taking these sexy, candid pictures.
    I have really enjoyed the extra content the Summer 100 promoted and it has signposted me to some great bloggers who are new to me! I shall check out those you’ve recommended here; Cousin Pons – always a firm favourite of mine!

    Talking of checking out – I am shamelessly checking out those strong legs, the lovely muscular rear view of Starcross’s subject – I think I could write several erotic scenarios inspired by that image (in particular the work boots and the whippy-crop thing!) Ooo-err, off for a cold shower now! Thanks for sharing

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