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My blog advocates sex should be liberating, not bound by social conventions. I write about all things personal, curious fiction and post erotic images too. I support individualism & personal growth.

Careless Talk ~ Lest We Forget

It is my opinion that after Catch the Catcher this story – Careless Talk – is my best work. The plot, set during the second world war, is fiction but the historical content is correct. I researched it thoroughly. It is longer than my normal posts but I didn’t want to split it in two.

A good reader will finish in 15 minutes.

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Kitten Care ~ A short story about Petting

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I needed some extra cash for the last summer break of my degree, wanting to travel before making my way as a fully fledged adult into the big wide world. I had a short attention span where work was concerned but as I checked out some job adverts one, in particular, drew my eye. Continue reading Kitten Care ~ A short story about Petting