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Vaginismus Awareness Day 15th September

“I was just a few weeks into a new relationship when the pain started. Whenever my
boyfriend and I started to have penetrative sex, it felt as if there were razor blades inside me.
At first I laughed it off, but soon I became terrified of intercourse. My body would freeze with
fear as my clothes came off.”

Kate Lloyd, The Guardian, August 2020

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is the term used to describe recurrent or persistent involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina whenever penetration is attempted.

The symptoms include burning or stinging pain upon penetration, as well as intense fear or loss of desire when penetration is attempted.

It is a complex psychosomatic condition, and the causes can be varied, such as painful first intercourse, sexual abuse, fear of pregnancy, or a deeply rooted belief that sex is wrong. Vaginismus isn’t ‘only’ about sex, it’s about life. Penetrative sex is not the only thing its victims lose – let’s be honest, not all of us prioritize that – but a sense of intimacy or self-worth too. It can painfully interfere with regular gynaecological examinations, the use of tampons and period cups, or even childbirth. And if you have no one to talk to and share your experiences, the isolation can be unbearable.

Vaginismus Awareness Day

A new survey on vaginismus carried out by feminist sex shop and wellness brand Sh! has found that almost 70 percent of women with the condition suffer depression or a feeling of “being broken” as a result. Vaginismus, the painful, involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina during sexual or other forms of penetration, is a complex psychosexual condition that many women suffer in fear and silence. The good news is that, with the proper advice and support, the symptoms are treatable in 95 percent of cases.

Recognising the urgent need to address the problem, Sh! created Vaginismus Awareness Day in 2015. Now in its seventh year, the event has had great success in opening up the conversation around the experience of painful sex, and banishing the fear, shame and bewilderment that often accompanies it. This year’s online event – VAD – hosted by Sh! sex educator extraordinaire Evie Fehilly, brings together an expert panel of therapists, educators, campaigners and artists with direct experience of living with or treating vaginismus. The evening (7pm UK time) will provide a lively, inclusive forum to discuss the physical and psychological impact of painful sex, and to empower and inform all women and vulva-owners who experience it.

While no reliable statistics exist about the exact number of women with vaginismus, studies estimate that around half of all women suffer pain or discomfort during sex at some point during their lifetime – indicating that the number could be substantial. Sh!’s survey of 50 women with the condition in July 2021 found that 96 percent suffered pain during sexual penetration, while 70 percent struggled with vaginally invasive activities such as smear tests or inserting a tampon. A quarter of those surveyed said they avoided dating or relationships because of their condition. While a number of respondents said they received excellent help from health practitioners, others said the medical response was woefully inadequate. Some doctors told them they just needed to “relax more” during sex and one even told their patient to “drink wine”.

Sh! has a dedicated website with all the resources required to become better informed and find support and solutions for those with vaginismus. The site includes real-life stories and experiences of vaginismus sufferers, as well as available treatments.

Tickets for the Vaginismus Awareness Day online event are £3 and ALL proceeds will go to the Dilator Pay It Forward Scheme. [Those on limited income, please contact Sh! for a free ticket]

This is a guest post from Sh! However, I was very pleased to host the article, as I totally agree that there needs to be more education and information regarding vaginismus. May More

More about Sh

Founders of the UK’s first women’s sex shop in 1992, Sh! are pioneers in female pleasure, on a mission to help all women (and those that love them) discover their true sexual selves, whatever their age, sexuality, health or relationship status.

Sh! is a safe haven where women can explore their own unique relationship to sex; pressure-free, hype-free and stereotype-free.

Delivering tailored advice, trusted information, empowering classes and a unique range of pleasure-enhancing goodies, and understanding that healthy sexuality is key to self-esteem and happiness, Sh! prioritises honest conversations about sexual wellbeing, pleasure and body-image, within a comfortable, judgement-free vibe

Narcissism: A disorder or just Ambition?

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of stories, posts and tweets about narcissism. Some informative and others written by those who stated they had been hurt by their involvement with a narcissist. In this post, I am not going to delve into stories about those who have genuinely been damaged by their involvement with narcissists. Instead, I am going to see if there is actually a positive side to behaving in this manner.

Devil’s advocate!

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Hand-tastic Masseuse Toy ~ with sucking fingertips

Back in 2018 I was in a ten round fiction writing competition called the Smut Marathon. I was new to writing fiction so was pleased I’d made it through to the fourth round and, even accumulated some points. The specification was to write a tale – one person, one sex-toy. In a short word count.

I am going to share that story with you today. You can read about that round and my thoughts and feedback here. I will say I was trying to think out of the box, so my setting was a futuristic, science fiction toy review. I know, what ever possessed me? It didn’t do too well, but I did make it through to the final despite this entry.

To be honest, I quite liked it. And as it works well for the Erotic Fiction Deluxe meme this week – prompt of hand – I thought I would share it again.

Now don’t get confused – you haven’t just missed the last 8 years – the following is fiction.

Darknet Masseuse Toy Review– 12/07/2029

The ban on sex toys forces companies to market them as an alternative. This is listed as a massage device, but it’s a sex toy. I am posting so others may benefit.

Rating 4.8/5

My girl drove off with the grocery delivery driver. I was emotional for weeks but then my libido kicked in. She left her phone so I recorded the answer message onto cognizant-crystal and repeated for 15 minutes. The little giggle at the end did it for me. Somewhere within that loop I’d spray the sheets, tugging my cock.

But I missed Amy’s fingers – more than her mouth or cunt. Anyone’s manipulation would have done, but since the night-time curfew, and blacklisting of dating sites, it’s near impossible to meet a mate.

The hand-shaped toy’s instructions said:

“Warm, then place on your shoulder for an invigorating massage.”

The toy adapts its touch to the breadth of where it is placed. With fabulous, silky suction points on the fingertips.

I turned on the crystal. Amy’s voice began vibrating through the speakers – she was in the room. Placing the toy on my thigh it began to massage, gently cupping and squeezing my balls. Then stroking the length of my semi-erect cock the fingertips sucked the circumference, as if her lips were repeatedly kissing the now blood-filled head. Extremely realistic – the sexy giggle, a hand clasping my shaft, pre-cum spilling to provide lubrication. For those minutes I was not alone – the aroma of sex was in the air. I began to thrust into it. Long and slow. As the hand tightened its hold, the orgasm rose from my balls, pushing down the phallus. All at once, completely losing myself in an intense climax, juice shot into the air, splattering the toy and my torso.

The writers in the Blogable Fiction Marathon are just finishing their semi-final stories. Please support the competition here…

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