Bachelor Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ~ Flash Part 4

Bachelor Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ~ Flash Part 4

Bachelor girls is the 4th part of my cheeky series about three single girls having wine and a game of truth and dare.

Gen’s dare was to kiss the guy from across the road. Her friends think he won’t answer the door to a stranger. However, they are not aware Gen knows Mr Roberts. The old man insists she meets his dishy grandson, Jacob.

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Bachelor girls

My mind tasked itself with visualising all kinds of punishment I’d happily receive from Jacob. Me and Ted got it on now and then but it was casual. A guy liked Jacob could perhaps keep me tied up! So it wasn’t until Mr Roberts spoke, and pulled me back to reality, that I realised I was still standing in the middle of the room holding my G & T.

“Genevieve… You always were a dreamer.” Mr Roberts smiled. “I can tell you didn’t hear a word. I suggested you take off your coat and sit down. You’re making the place look untidy.” He extended a hand.

I glanced down at my ample cleavage spilling over the top of my tweed and reminded myself that the old man could not possibly know that beneath the coat, skimpy lingerie attempted to cover my modesty. I was just about to offer an excuse when a familiar bleep alerted us all to the phone in my pocket.

Saved by the bell.

“I’m sorry, that’s my mobile,” stating the obvious. “Probably just my girlfriends from across the road wondering where I am.” My eyes darted to the window. What would Jane and Anne be thinking?

Meanwhile… The other POV

“Look at Gen. Dirty cow, flashing her arse in the middle of the street.” Anne stated.

“Well I probably would too if my bum was as peachy.” Jane replied, slapping her round backside with both hands.

“You have a great figure Jane. Particularly… for your age.” Her friend teased wiggling her slight, pajama clad hips – imitating Gen doing a little dance before she knocked on Mr Roberts door.

The two younger women were forever ribbing Jane about being ten years older than they were. The bachelor girls all worked for a massive product design company. And the fact that Jane was team leader didn’t stop the three of them from being best friends.

“Oh… My… God. Mr Roberts opened the door. I don’t think I’ve seen him do that in the two years I’ve lived here,” Jane exclaimed.

“And, would you believe it, Gen’s kissed him too. I’m sure that girl’s a witch.” Anne was almost jumping up and down with excitement. “So much for her needing to do another dare. She’s nailed it. Bitch.”

Anne walked over to the where the wine was perched on the dressing table and poured herself another glass.

“Oh Anne. Come here. Quick.” Jane shouted, fully focused on the ongoing scene opposite. “The old guy has actually pulled her into the house and shut the bloody door!”

In her haste to return to the window Anne carelessly spilt some red wine on the cream carpet. Blast, she thought. But checking Mr Robert’s house was the priority. She shielded her eyes, putting her face right up to the pane, as if this would enable her to see through the closed door of number 11.

“You’re right. She’s gone… Damn. Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to clean up the mess Gen made earlier, with her red wine, on your nice carpet.” Anne smirked.

Immediately Jane turned and looked at the new deep red stain.

“That girl has got the table manners of a ten year old.” Jane shook her head. “Hmm… I was going to suggest we go over and free her from the the clasp of Mr Roberts bony hands. But I think we’ll leave her to stew for a bit. Fancy some salted-caramel ice-cream?”

To be continued… Part Five here…

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  1. Oh the headmaster is in for a surprise if she decides to take of her coat! Or maybe he knows that besides a dreamer, she’s also a ‘naughty girl’ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

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