Birthday Spanks for the Babysitter

Birthday Spanks for the Babysitter

I was meeting my best friend Beth at the coffee shop before school. We were sitting our English A’Level exam later that day and I hadn’t seen her for a week as all 6th formers had been given time off for revision.

I was seated in a nice quiet corner and waved when I saw her arrive.

“Hey babe. Just grabbing a latte,” she shouted above the low din of voices.

Beth was not one to care what people thought of her, so paid no mind when the other customers stared.

Walking over, she stopped, drink in hand, looked around at her audience, then smiling sweetly, curtseyed. To be fair, they were probably staring because not only was she loud, she was also very beautiful. Creamy skin, long corkscrew curls and a body to rival Marilyn Monroe’s.

She plonked her coffee on the table, making the warm liquid overflow from the force.

“Damnations!” She exclaimed, slurping the spilled drink from the saucer.

I laughed. “Good to see you. What you been up to?”

“Em, not much. Bit of revision. I’m ‘oping to scrape this English exam. It ain’t me best subject. As ya know.”

Beth squirmed in the seat, adjusting her skirt and looking slightly pained.

“Are you OK? Have you got your period?” I asked.

“Nah. I weren’t goin to say like, but…” She turned and looked around as if to check nobody could hear.

“Spill the beans.” I whispered, getting into the spirit of things.

“Ya know I babysit now and then for the Phillips?”

Without waiting for a reply, she told me what had happened there a few days previous…

Little Bobby was good as gold. And I was falling asleep on the sofa, after stealing a few nips of their whiskey, when the front door opens and Mr Philips comes in alone. Apparently they’d been out with family and his wife went back with her sister as they were going shopping together the following day.

Anyways. I called meself a cab — the Phillips pay — but was told it would be half-hour.

Mr Phillips seemed very jolly. He’d ‘ad a few for sure. And perched down next to me.

“So Beth, your mum told me you’re eighteen now. Do you want to know the best way to celebrate that personal landmark?” He smiled his perfect toothie smile and looked at me questioningly.

“Eh… I ain’t sure.” I replied.”But I had a fab time with me mates down at the club in the ‘igh street.” Then, I don’t know why, but I started giggling. Mr Phillips is so ‘andsome I get butterflies between me legs and stuff whenever he looks at me intently.

He licked his lips and continued. “Now Beth, be a good girl, shut your eyes and just say — yes.”

Well, I don’t know what come over me. But I did exactly as I was told and all of a sudden I found meself flipped on me tummy, positioned over Mr Phillip’s lap with me skirt ‘itched up while me Alan-wickers were ragged around me knees.

He stroked my peachy cheeks and stated, “good girls count along.”

Which meant, each time his palm met me bum, I had to call out the number. It bloody hurt like ‘ell. And I got a little embarrassed as the — ‘celebration’ — went on. Me privates, ya know, began to leak. Of course, he noticed. Wiped some onto his fingertips, then sniffed before licking them clean.

By the time we reached number eigh’een, I was in a right ol state. I can’t tell you how much I wanted him to just stop… and gimme one. Put it in me, right there… on the sofa. But he couldn’t of course. That would have been cheatin’ on Mrs Philips.

Then all of a sudden, the cab arrived. I jumped up and left… But me backside is still a bit sore

Beth finally stopped talking and took a long swig of her coffee.

“What? For real?” I was incredulous. “Did you not tell him to get his filthy hands off you.”

“Na. I really enjoyed it, like. Hopefully I’ll still be baby sitting for them on me next birthday.” Beth replied, shimmying back into her chair.


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Birthday Spanks

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