A Moment in Time ~ Bitch on Heat

A Moment in Time ~ Bitch on Heat

I have covered similar topics on my blog before.

Last year I took a light-hearted look at Mistakes and blame and a more serious delve in to The Road not Taken

This week the Food for Thought prompt is hindsight and regret. I thought I would share a suggestive story from my long ago past.  It is a fictionalised account. On my blog that means these events happened to me but my memory is not photographic so I may embellish in some way. The tale is about an incident from many years ago. For a while after I often looked back and thought about it with slight regret as to what may have happened if the circumstances had been different.

Bitch on Heat

 He did it again. Looked right at me from across the room.

Damn. He was beautiful.

Cinnamon coloured hair fell just shy of his broad shoulders. Long slim legs. Tight jeans and a smile that could wake the dead.

I knew if I let him touch me his will would be impressed upon my body and I wouldn’t stand a chance.

My girlfriends engaged me in some banter but I couldn’t focus. Every-time I raised my head his eyes, bright, alive were searching for mine. I went to the bar to get a drink, thinking, hoping he would follow. Tight skirt pushing my thighs together as I walked, creating friction. My cunt was alert and already wet at the thought of him. I was a bitch on heat.

Walking back to my friends I noticed he hadn’t moved at all. Except his eyes were still tracing mine as I placed my glass on the table.

Just as I was about to sit down he pointed to himself, then to me, and finally the dance floor. I mimicked him, me – him – dance floor. He nodded and rose from his seat. Simultaneously we began to walk to the centre, where the coloured light illuminated the wooden floor but also provided an area shrouded in shadow.

Like magic we stepped into the low-light, eyes locked. Understanding this was a meeting of equals. Young and beautiful. Curious and speculative. Ready to take a chance on the other.

At the very moment he reached out to take me in his arms for our dance to begin the door to the club opened. I knew immediately my boyfriend was back from his late shift. Vic adjusted his vision to the dim light as he walked into the room and instinctively glanced over.

Without hesitation I dodged the hands before me, just in time, they’d not yet had a chance to make a claim – and ran over to my love, no longer a bitch on heat.

F4Thought bitch on heat
Bitch on Heat

February Photo Fest Image – theme outdoors

Day 19 was taken a couple of summers ago. I published one from that session for Sinful Sunday.  This image matches my story – a bitch on heat – well 😉

bitch on heat
Day 19

Mention from Day 17 PhotoFest ~ I really love this image. It would be an excellent story prompt.

febphotofest day 19


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