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A Blatant Promotion of my Assets

We could all do with a bit of self-promotion now and then, but the funny thing is we rarely do that in Britain. Blowing your own trumpet is not encouraged growing up in the UK.

But the Wicked Wednesday prompt is Promotion – with an emphasis on personal, so here I go. And yes the title and header image are clickbait 🙂

Sex Matters

I started this site in 2016 but only got into writing in 2017. Then, in 2018 I entered the Smut Marathon competition and things took off for me. More people wanted to read my fiction, and it was also a way that others found my true life sexy posts. Here is a basic structure of my blog so you can find you way around

4thoughts or Fiction Meme

This meme has had a chequered history. I was gifted it a few years ago by the previous host, Kilted Wookie and ran the meme alongside Floss for about a year. In July 2020 she resigned and I added the meme as a sub-domain to Sex Matters.  It has done quite well on the whole. I’ve encouraged new and returning bloggers to choose and host a prompt, which has been fun for us all. But because all the posts need to meet the prompt each week, the numbers are sometimes low. Also, I have had my hands full with life and other projects, so probably haven’t really put enough promotion into 4thoughts. It does have some very loyal regulars. However, I am thinking of taking a break from it OR passing it on – if you fancy a challenge and the chance of running a meme, please email me at

Check out the prompt posts here. And read about 4thoughts history here.


Is a site for all things blogging and writing

It has been a difficult year for the Blogable Babes – myself, Marie and Missy. Which has meant we’ve not posted as much as we would have liked. However, we did complete the April A to Z challenge with some great articles. And at present, the Fiction Marathon is on its semi-final round. We welcome guest posts from other bloggers and writers who have advice to share, and there will be more to come from this project.

Tantalizing Tales

I decided to have a go at Medium. A platform where writers can post their work, new and old. Each writer has their own area on the platform and can submit stories to various Medium publications hosted by fellow writers. I thought to myself, in for a penny… and asked Posy to join me in opening our own publication for fiction. Well, we did just that and it has been an enormous success. Mrs k and Liz Blackx came along to help, and so many other writers regularly submit their stories. It is a thriving environment and something I am very proud of. I have even managed to get my good pal Cousin Pons writing with us.

Please go and check out TANTALIZING TALES – and if you could follow us that would be great.

Receive Tantalizing Tales to your in box? CLICK HERE.


On the whole, Medium has been a fabulous experience for me. And a way of earning a little money. You can find all my Medium fiction and non-fiction from my MEDIUM PROFILE.

Subscribe to get an email when I publish a new tale…

Anyone can write and earn on Medium for free. But if you want to read more than a handful of stories a month then you need to take out a membership – only $5 a month, and this goes towards supporting the many writers on the platform. We are paid by views. The more views we get, the more cents dribble into our bank.

As a writer on Medium, I also get a bit extra if someone signs up using my referral link.

That’s it, except all the personal links I have included above, are writers I admire – here are a few more I think you should check out…

Marsha Adams

Patricia Ray

Heather Kinnane

Asrai devin

Self Promotion

15 thoughts on “A Blatant Promotion of my Assets”

  1. Very sexy image May! You have so many fantastic projects on the go, it’s great to outline them all as certainly ones I wasn’t aware of.

  2. I’ve always loved all your posts … and photographs too of course! Your creativity and imagination is wonderful to view and always gives me tingles and warm enjoyment.
    I’m trying to join you at Medium … though time seems to be against me these past few weeks … but I hope to be able to keep reading you there too, and contributing to your dribbles. After all … I always enjoy some “dribbles” !!!

    Xxx – K

    1. Hey Modesty, I was very happy to see you on Medium. If you have any questions about the platform I am reasonably up to speed with it, so please dm me on twitter or email – always happy to help u
      May xx

  3. It was only after posting mine that I noticed you used assets in your title too. I feel bad now. Lol
    I hope 4 thoughts finds a good home. I’ve thought about taking it (or holding it for a while) but am unsure if I have the time.
    Thanks for the highlight (you have a few in mine too 😘).
    I’m very happy to have met you May and can’t wait to see where you go from here.

    1. Thats fine about “assets” – I always think it is strange when people read a story and say “they must have copied that bit from mine” – it makes me laugh as everything has been done and written b4…
      I still am not quite decided about 4thoughts but i think u have quite a lot of your own stuff to manange lol
      I am very happy to have met u too 😉

  4. You have come an interesting and difficult path during these 5 years. It is always interesting to read your posts, because they are always informative and at the same time with a proper dose of humor. This post was a success too.

  5. You are such a busy lady and always provide a good read (and accompanying picture). I wish I found pleasure in writing but it just doesn’t come easy to me.

  6. Hey May – I am loving hosting Tantalizing Tales with you – sharing posts on Medium is probably the first and only time I tried a venture before you! You do very well at juggling so many diverse projects, but they are all linked by your love of writing and your desire to share your craft, helping others along the way. I am so glad our fiction brought us together, my friend.

    1. I think we make a great duo – compliment each other in so many ways – Fiction brought us together, but there are so many other reasons why we are friends xx

  7. Ya estoy siguiendo Tantalizing tales y Medium.
    Y que decir de la imagen de portada. OMG!
    Creo que su promoción ha sido muy acertada.
    Ire leyendo, poquito a poco, los multiples caminos de su blog Sex matters.
    I am already following Tantalizing Tales and Medium.
    And what to say about the cover image. OMG!
    I think your promotion has been very successful.
    I will read, little by little, the multiple paths of her Sex matters blog.

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