Blow by Blow account of an LA girl

Blow by Blow account of an LA girl

This is a sponsored post by an Escort Booking Platform in London. It is not written by me – it is taken from their blog of diaries.

The diaries give a day in a life account of escorts from all around the world. Here is one by a young woman – let’s call her LA Girl…

LA girl not going to college but still enrolled in plenty of extracurricular activities

I’m 19 and a makeup artist, living in Los Angeles, CA – an LA girl.

I’ve been a sugar-baby since I turned 18. I live with my parents and they don’t know what I do. I mainly like to go to my sugar-daddy’s homes and have sex with them. Sometimes they take me to nice dinners. They like me because I am not skinny. I have a thicker body and a big ass.

A Day in the Life ~ LA Girl Tells All…


I wake up to my mother yelling. She’s always yelling. She hates that I didn’t go to college. But I tell her that I’m too creative for school.


I eat breakfast with my family. My brother downs his orange juice and leaves for school. He’s 16. He also doesn’t know what I do. My dad eats his eggs and tells me about politics. My mom kisses me on the head and leaves for work.


I scroll through Instagram and You-tube. I like watching makeup vlogs. I’ve considered starting my own channel.


I meet my best friend S for lunch. She is also a sugar-baby. She doesn’t live with her family so it’s easier for her and she gets a lot of gifts for that reason. I spend a lot of my money on makeup.


We trade phones and try and find each other’s sugar-daddy. We like to do this every-time we see each other. She tells me that she has a date at 4pm and wants me to do her makeup for her.


S and I go to the mall and try on outfits. She always tells me how jealous she is off my huge ass. I get more men because of it.


We go to S’s apartment. I sleep there a lot so that my family doesn’t get suspicious of my whereabouts. S is going on a date with a very rich older man. She goes out with him often. I tend to not have too many regulars. I just take what I can get daily.


S and I drink some wine while I do her makeup. She always likes it when I make her look older.


S drops me off at home. I kiss her on the cheek and tell her to have fun.


Scrolling through my escort site I find a man in my area. I write to him asking if he wants to have fun tonight. I don’t mind reaching out to men. They like dominant women.


My phone dings and I have a message from D. He’s Armenian and likes to show off his money in his pictures. He wears ice on his body and poses in front of his Maserati. He compliments my pictures (of course) and asks me to come over at 6pm.


My mom comes home and knocks on my door. I tell her to come in. It is normal for me dress fancy and have makeup on so she never wonders why. I tell her that S and I are going to go to our friends gig. She believes me and tells me to stay hydrated.


I walk past my house and call an uber. It takes me to the nicer part of LA.


I knock on D’s door. He opens it and has a blunt in his mouth. I shake his hand and step inside.


I smoke with him. His weed is really strong. His homie steps out of the room and greets me. Maybe he’d be good for S. D tells me that he likes my ass. What’s new?


D asks me if I like his drip. I tell him it’s nice. He takes me to his bedroom. I feel the weed but in a good way.


D fondles my breasts and grabs my ass. He tells me that my body is exactly his type. I can tell he has a boner.


D makes out with me with lots of tongue. He unhooks my bra and sticks his face in between my breasts. He asks me if he can fuck me.


I am fully naked and D is too. He rubs and slaps his dick on my clit. He puts it in and fucks me in missionary.


His dick feels really good and he asks me to ride him. I get on him and he grabs my ass. He loves the way it jiggles.


He finishes in my mouth and lays down on the bed next to me.


I get home with $500. I jump in the shower right away to wash my smell off. My mother remains clueless.

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