Blue For You Photos

Blue For You Photos

The Masturbation Monday prompt this week is the above header shot. Originally I posted it as one my first Sinful Sunday entries last year – Blue Scandalous Ladders.

We took quite  few in the same session that now appear in my gallery.  In honour of having my blue laddered tights photo as a smutty prompt, I have chosen to share a few of them with you. So, it is a little like a Sinful Monday 😉

Blue For You ~ More May

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Blue for you
Blue for you #221 – Click for other smutty goodness

8 thoughts on “Blue For You Photos

  1. I especially like the top photo. It takes a moment to realize your legs are not as bare as the rest of you, but then the snag in your tights becomes more clear. Combined with the show/reveal position of the chair, it’s a delightful tease. 🙂

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