blurred curves

Blurred Curves

This image – Blurred Curves -is of me with hands tied behind my back. I reviewed it last week and put in my laptop bin.

Then yesterday I was just about to empty the trash when I thought I’d have another look. And decided there is something about the light and the movement caught in this image that I like.

So here it is for LIFE and Sinful Sunday.

Blurred Curves


Life #37

Here is my most popular entry for Lingerie is for Everyone. Jumpers in June…

Last Week on Sinful Sunday

Don’t the weeks fly by. Here is my favourite image from last weeks entries.

#442 Kiss the lips

23 thoughts on “Blurred Curves”

  1. Oh, May – I am so glad you didn’t sling this. I absolutely love the movement in this . I guarantee if you tried to recreate you prob couldn’t – it is one of those sexy, in the moment images that tells a story! Beautiful xxx

  2. I love the movement in this image. I rarely toss any images on the 1st look through, I have found sitting with them at least for a little bit can make me find things in them that I really like


  3. There is an energy here May – thank goodness you didn’t press empty trash – I like the mystery the blur creates (always trying to get a bit more of that into my own pics!). I agree with Elliott – you look as if you have been bound and tied to the mast (by pirates perchance?)
    I’d suggest sending it to Kayla for a #MM prompt image.

    1. No Posy, not pirates, she is a dance hall floozy and has been tied to a hitchin’ post in front of the saloon. The boys just rode in from moving a thousand head of cattle up the Chisholm Trail to Wichita and are itchin’ for some fun. But you know our May and I can hear her saying “Cumon boys, show me what you got.”

      1. I can imagine that Pard’ner – and thanks for the visual adventure that created in my mind! Bravo Elliott & brava May!

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