candle light

Boob by Candle Light

There are a few things I like about this shot.

First, it is the original image – no edits – you can almost see the goosebumps on my leg.

Second the positioning of my body – boob over leg 😉

Third, the candle and the boob shadow in the background.


Lingerie is for Everyone

Find out where I got this lingerie from…

Sinful Sunday

Last Week my fave image from Sinful Sunday was this one. Well at least I am being honest ;-))


#life #40
#sinfulsunday #445

23 thoughts on “Boob by Candle Light”

    1. lol Well i liked my image – that is putting aside all the ones that made the roundup like yours, which as usual was fab – I try and pick those that didn’t make the round up x

    1. I am a bit cheeky! I saw your ss image yesterday and loved it – it came in too late for my twitter roundup last week but am really enjoying your images x

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