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Boobday action – November 25th 2016

Boobs Matter


Boobday 25th November 2016


Looking at pictures of boobs is a particular pleasure of mine. I don’t mind what size or shape but I must confess I do adore freckled breasts. I also particularly like breasts in various stages of undress – when you can see the outline of the boob, depicting its shape and the curve of the nipple. Breasts are indeed a wonderful creation.


I also enjoy the rationale behind breasts. They are multi-functional. Naturally they are involved in child rearing but beyond that they exude comfort. The warmth and softness they offer. Their yielding nature. Of course, they are sexy too. They look sexy. When a womans breasts are touched in a certain way she feels sexy, and just having them makes me feel sexy!

My Boobs

My boobs found me quite late in the day. I was very much flat chested until I reached the age of 17. Then I acquired a very enthusiastic boyfriend who never seemed to tire if having his hands inside my bra fondling my boobs and nipples. I was not averse to this at all. In fact, I remember one occasion, in the cinema, when the attention brought me to orgasm. It was now that my breasts seemed to blossom from an A to a C cup. They continued to develop way into my 20s.


Boobday has become one of my favourite blog pages to visit. People post such alluring photos of themselves. Hy’s boobs are a pleasure to see each week and the creative nature that many of the photos display also draws me in. This photo I have posted for boobday is very recent and a favourite of mine, as it’s an action shot. I really like the lighting, which was mainly candle light, and the shadows it affords on my skin.
Boobs are certainly a great thing to celebrate.

Boobday Action


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