Boobs and sheer sparkly attire

I don’t have another post to publish today to this is dedicated purely to Day 10 of my February Photo Fest. Sticking with my theme of outdoors.

I was chatting to a twitter chum the other day saying I don’t much like my nipples – they are too small. However, I do like the shape of my boobs. In this photo my man is clasping at the front of my blouse. You can see his hand.

This image was taken outside and at the same time as the photos in my most viewed post ever.

Photofest blogger mention ~ the header image in this post from yesterday is really hot.

Day10 Boobs

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11 thoughts on “Boobs and sheer sparkly attire”

  1. You say you don’t have another post…

    Are you doing a fourth Food Matters week, or no? Just wondering because your link-ups have been introducing on Mondays. 🙂

  2. Too small? Perfect! As long as they are sensitive and your partner adores them? Who cares.? You have gorgeous breasts!!!

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