Book Choices by Steve from Fridayam ~ Guest Post

Book Choices by Steve from Fridayam ~ Guest Post

When Steve wanted to add their book choices to the last week of Book Matters I was thrilled. And what amazing recommendations they are too.

Book Choices by Steve

For Book Matters Catch Up Week

The unforgettable

Perhaps I should talk about books I will never forget reading?

  • Proust
  • Jane Austen’s Persuasion
  • Balzac’s Lost Illusions
  • Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend
  • Nabokov’s Pale Fire or Pnin
  • Iain M.Banks Use of Weapons
  • Elizabeth Sprout’s Olive Kitteridge
  • Sally Rooney’s Normal People
  • Rosewater’s Nigerian Sci-Fi

Also forgotten novelists like Nigel Balchin and John Wain.

Non Fiction Book Choice by Steve

If I had to vote for only one work of non-fiction I would go for

Shelby Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative History.

I have read it in it’s three-volume entirety three times, and sections of it many more times as it is completely engrossing. You may think you wouldn’t be interested in American military history, but you would be wrong as this is as much about modern American history.

More Favourites –

  • Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond is very relevant today.
  • Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould, even though some of his theories have been disproven by Simon Conway Morris, it is still an amazing portrayal of the origins of life.
  • Anything by Darwin, who wrote so wonderfully, and Charles Lyell’s Principles of Geology, which despite our common knowledge is still astounding.
Children’s Book Choices by Steve

My children are both now in their 30’s so there is nothing recent here, but the classics suited me and my children.

  • So anything by Lewis Carroll or Edward Lear worked well (especially Lear illustrated by Edward Gorey).
  • My son loved Tolkien (and I ended up reading the whole of The Lord of the Rings to him after he loved The Hobbit).
  • My daughter loved Lear and both loved The Wind in the Willows and of course Pooh!
  • Finally, may I make a case for a forgotten book – The Ship That Flew – by Hilda Lewis. Oh and Peanuts.
Poetry loves
  • John Donne, who wrote the most erotic poetry (and even his sermons aren’t bad at all!)
  • Shakespeare of course, Sappho, Ovid, Chaucer (who else could write of “a shitten shepherd and clean sheep” about a priest and his parishioners)
  • Auden
  • Andrew Young (if only for “To A Dead Mole”)
  • Homer
  • The anonymous author of “The Battle of Maldon” and all Anglo-Saxon writers who have influenced me
  • But above all Emily Dickinson whose poetic generosity inspires yet escapes me.

Oh god, outstayed my welcome!

You can find Steve at Fridayam – Great blog, go see.

And no Steve, you certainly did not out stay your welcome 😉

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Book Matters book choices by steve
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5 thoughts on “Book Choices by Steve from Fridayam ~ Guest Post

  1. These are truly marvelous suggestions Steve. I love Darwin’s writing. Many of your suggestions here were in my mum’s bookcase so I am familiar with them. I have read a little Homer and I too adore Emily Dickinson.
    TY for this post.

  2. Loved this, although it made me feel very lightweight with my reading. To write such beautiful words of course you’re a big reader Steve!

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