Book Matters ~ Poetry and Catch Up

Book Matters ~ Poetry and Catch Up

It is difficult having a blog with a vast library of articles and fiction relating to sex and then also wanting to know about children’s book choices. But really it is just another lifestyle topic and I enjoyed reading your posts.


I want to highlight one of the posts from last weeks entries. This one from Life of a Kinky Wife. She talks about the benefits of reading to your child while it is still in the womb and makes some great book suggestions. Have a read.

Poetry and Catch Up Week

I know a few people were too late to add their fiction recommendations from week one so now would be a good chance to do that.

If you have any of your own publications, fact of fiction, please also feel free to promote this week.

And I would really like to know about poetry you would recommend to others.


I would like to promote two blogs that are primarily poetry blogs.

  • Dok Urtybitz has a blog I have long been a fan off. His poetry is unique and hot.
  • Steve at Fridayam has a brilliant library of poems. A joy to read.

Rules – Book Matters ~ Poetry and Catch Up

  • Share more than one category in your post if you want to.
  • Older posts from your blog are welcome.
  • You can also link more than once.
  • If you do not have a blog I would be happy to host your post.
  • And remember if you link up please check out some of the other bloggers in the meme.
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6 thoughts on “Book Matters ~ Poetry and Catch Up

  1. I guess I left my poetry loves out of my round-up but I must start with John Donne, who wrote the most erotic poetry (and even his sermons aren’t bad at all!), Shakespeare of course, Sappho, Ovid, Chaucer (who else could write of “a shitten shepherd and clean sheep” about a priest and his parishioners), Auden, Andrew Young (if only for “To A Dead Mole”), Homer, the anonymous author of “The Battle of Maldon” and all Anglo-Saxon writers who have influenced me, but above all Emily Dickinson whose poetic generosity inspires yet escapes me.

  2. Thank you for highlighting my post. You’re so thoughtful. I must admit the #BookMatters posts have been wonderful and I thouroughly enjoyed it.I hope youre keeping well 🙂

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