Books for Children to Enjoy

Books for Children to Enjoy

I always feel a little sentimental when it comes to thinking about books for children.

Books For Children

Having read to both my girls until Mona was twelve thinking about the books we shared gives me mixed feelings. I am so glad I taught them them to love books but I also am sad the reading together times have passed.

I am going to split this into sections, with each basically featuring one book recommendation…

Books I enjoyed as a child

I was a ferocious reader. On occasions devouring more than one full length book in a day. I loved Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Mallory Tower’s series. But nothing came near to my passion for this book –

– Tarzan of the Apes

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Thankfully there were over 20 in the series for me to enjoy but the first one has always been my favourite.

I was about 9 years old when I discovered them and for a while I became Tarzan. I never wanted to be Jane. Dragging unsuspecting friends off to the woods to make camps and play Tarzan games with me. It is a very memorable time of my life.

Books I enjoyed reading to my children

So many fabulous books.

Including the start of the Harry Potter series. Although I am not a fan of the writing I am a fan of how many children came to reading via this series.

Roald Dahl. Starting with the Twits and eventually my kids took over and read these for themselves. Liz Black mentions one of his book in her post.

– Tom’s Midnight Garden

by Phillipa Pearce

This book is simply a joy. The fantasy and the descriptions are beautiful. The book flows seamlessly. I still have vivid pictures in my head of the different scenes. If you have not read this then I so very much recommend it.

I enjoyed reading these when young, & so did my kids

As a very young child I can see my self stretched out on the carpet with a Cat in the Hat book by Dr Seuss. I loved them. I passed on many of my childhood books to my children but mainly they were not too keen. But they did like and read all the Cat in the Hat books.

– The Borrowers

by Mary Norton

My best friend from school introduced me to this book and I loved the concept of little people living in secret. The characterisation is brilliant and I read this book more than once. When my kids were competent readers they read and loved The Borrowers too.

Books my children enjoyed reading independently

My girls had differing tastes. My eldest was a precocious reader  but also got bored quickly. Looking back I can only remember one seris of books they both simply loved…

– The Story of Tracy Beaker

by Jacqueline Wilson

At the time a lot of parents didn’t like their children reading these books. But I felt that as long as a child was reading a variety of literature then this series was a positive thing for them to be enjoying.

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9 thoughts on “Books for Children to Enjoy

  1. When my sister and I were little, our grandmother read us the Bobbsey Twins stories, one of use sitting on each side of her. The first book was given to my mother in 1927, inscribed by her Uncle Vance. I have 20 of the books with the dust jackets they are pretty fail now. I started to read them to my granddaughter and then had to stop as I had to censor much of the language, accepted in 1908 but not now.

    When I was in elementary school we would be taken to the library to pick out a book to read. In fifth or sixth grade I found some books written by a British author about four kids, much like the Bobbsey Twins, but older kids, siblings or cousins, and they would get involved in mysteries, much like our Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew stories. I enjoyed those books, and I’ve never been able find out what they were. Does that sound familiar to any of my UK friends?

  2. Dr Seuss for the win! 🙂

    He was a pioneer in literacy education. I absolutely loved the Cat In The Hat books, but there were so many more! Green Eggs and Ham (I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!) was so much my younger brother’s favorite that my mom would sometimes use food coloring in our scrambled eggs on the rare occasions we’d eat a hot breakfast. 🙂

    I think our “typical” children’s books vary to a degree by country of origin, so I don’t know how well you’d know authors like Laura Ingalls Wilder or characters like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but those were definitely big influences on my early reading life. From those ‘reading seeds’ planted in childhood, I grew into – and am still – a big historical fiction and mystery lover. 🙂

      1. I started my niece on that series last year, with the first book, Little House In The Big Woods. 🙂

        [For some reason, I just could NOT get through Farmer Boy. It’s the only one of hers that did not interest me AT ALL.]

        1. Yeah Farmer Boy is not so good, or the one once she’s married, too many dashed hopes, not enough joy.

    1. I have – like May – read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books too, so absorbing, troubles and joy but united always.
      The Dr Seuss books were popular when I was growing up – I loved the word patterns and the wacky pictures.

  3. I loved Edgar Rice Burroughs as a boy. My Dad gave me several of them and then when I was old enough to buy them I purchased everything I could find by him. I still have all 24 Tarzan novels and have read them many times. I also have some from his Martian series and some Westerns? If memory serves me. Likely I have over 40 novels by Burroughs. Strange I didn’t think of them when I did my first post on fiction. Stay well!

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