bottoms up

Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up! ~ I was so excited when I heard on the Twitter grapevine there was to be a brand new photo meme hosted by the fabulous Sweetgirl.

The first prompt for the meme is pin-up. I have already posted this pin up image. Which perhaps is a little more traditional than the one below.

Bottoms Up is a phrase we sometimes use in the UK to encourage someone to finish their drink. In these strange times I don’t seem to need any provoking at all on that front.

Click the badge to see other pin-ups 😉

Pin Up

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15 thoughts on “Bottoms Up”

  1. Bottoms bottoms bottoms, in threefold! I like how each gives off a different vibe. I think I’ve fallen in love the the one on the left, which feels rather sensual and erotic to me!

  2. I definitely like your version of “bottoms up”. It means the same in my country to, and at 10 minutes to closing we would call “bottoms up “! At closing it would be “thanks now get the hell out”!

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