May More wellies relaxing on broken staircase

Broken Stairway to Heaven

I am combining this Sinful Sunday post with Day 8 of my FebPhotoFest and also an SoSS from this weeks #FoodMatters and PhotoFest images.

My PhotoFest theme is all about outdoor images. This one is really half inside and half out. It was taken in a derelict mansion but there were very few walls or ceilings. As I lay back I could see the sky above. The broken stairway would have been the main staircase to some heavenly rooms on the second floor, once upon a time.

The image I chose to share at the time from this session was taken further away – you get to see more of the room.  Both images have not been edited apart from to dim the light slightly.

Day 8 Broken Stairway
PhotoFest Mentions

Each day during the PhotoFest I’ve added a mention at this point to an image I particular liked from the previous day. I know some people don’t realise I have picked their photo. So here they are again – with a few others I like thrown in.

Recipe Mentions

I am so happy how many of you have been embracing my FoodMatters month.

We are on week 3 until Monday night – plenty of time to add a recipe. Here are just a few of the wonderful meals bloggers have been sharing.

Thieves… Senses of Lust

I want to end by saying a thank you in particular to Marie, Michael and Melody for their help. But also to everyone who retweeted my tweet about this matter.

A site called Senses of Lust had stolen several of my posts. Removing links back to my site and without attributing any of the work to me. After taking advice(from the above bloggers), complaining and commenting on the offending site, my posts have been removed. If you find your work on their blog I am happy to let you know all the steps I took.

Day 8 Broken Stairway




32 thoughts on “Broken Stairway to Heaven”

  1. I love this photo May. Without the window, as in the wider shot, this one becomes more intimate. It is very dramatic, like the last scene in an Italian opera. And these days I believe nudity is often a feature of some operas. Much to the distaste of traditionalists. But the more tits the merrier I say. xx

    1. TY CP. glad u like this one too – I was never sure which one to post the first time but because the setting is o cool I wen for the wider shot xx

    1. Thank you Brigit. Wherever we go my man is always saying “photo opportunity” and I am often quite reluctant- so to hear u say this makes me feel a bit more enthusiastic lol x

  2. You always look so stunning and I love the contrasts in this image. I am glad that you got your posts removed from the site that stole your work. 🙂

  3. You have a creative way of how you mention the pictures and posts of others. They’re snappy and appealing and it makes me smile. Thank you May, glad you liked the cheekiness ?

  4. Loved your recipe week! A lot of fun and I got some new recipes. It’s nice when a prompt is a fun one. Love the photos in the abandoned house, wellies duly noted. And as far as senses of lust, would it kill them to mention your name? I guess they are trying to pass it off as their work, but in looking at it obviously there’s many sources.

  5. “Ooh, it makes me wonder
    Ooh, it makes me wonder”

    Ah, you had to recall my old Led Zep collection from the time when vinyl was all there was.

    I’m glad to have been able to help and actually surprised at the quick turnaround in getting your pages removed from that site. ??

      1. I think their operation is one where they probably don’t care. The main sanction that affects them is removal of their cloud provider service when they get too many strikes. From my investigations it looked as if they have a backup cloud provider they can switch to very quickly if the primary kicks them off.

        Be vigilant and report every stolen link. x

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