Bum-Per Erotic Images Issue ~ Photography

Bum-Per Erotic Images Issue ~ Photography

Erotic Images Post ~ The latest prompt for #TieMeUpTuesday is Tie those Hands.

Last year I had such fun in a barn being tied, slapped whipped and face fucked. You can read and see more about it here.  Below is just one of the images from that session. I thought it worked for securing hands.

erotic images - tie those hands

Erotic Photography ~ #TellMeAbout

I love my self some erotic photography. When I look back at the images I feel attractive and alive. It is also really cool to have photos from different months , places and moods.

We move around a lot so you will not find many of my erotic images with the same back drop. For me erotic photos mean you keep something back. Not all is revealed. A mystery… Explicit photography is something else all together and I enjoy the excitement of seeing such images and having mine taken,

Here are a few of my favourite erotic images that I feel show a little of the real me… But not too much 😉

Click on one to open the gallery.

Half a glass

And what about an image that shows a little too much? Well after seeing a photo from Francesca I remembered a similar one that would work for the #FunThemePhotoMeme.

erotic images
Half a glass

I show a little too much of me, my face, and who I am. I find such photos from others very appealing .

tie those hands erotic images
Tie Those Hands
tellmeabout Erotic Images
Erotic Images
fun theme photo meme
Glass Half Full


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32 thoughts on “Bum-Per Erotic Images Issue ~ Photography

  1. Great selection of photos May. The one with your boobs barely contained in your shirt does give you feeling of wanting to catch them in your hands! I love the pictures you have taken around the country. Let’s hope you can start again very soon!

  2. What an amazing collection if images May. There is always something about your pictures and for me they capture the very essence of what is erotic and sexy. They are also really varied too and you seem to have an eye for what will work. 🙂

  3. You have amazing images, you manage to convey so much in each. The rope picture you have featured could be an oil painting from 100s of years ago, it wouldn’t look out of place next to the Mona Lisa – in my opinion.

    Thank you for joining in with the funthemephotomeme that too is a beautiful picture.

    Thank you for sharing. ?

    1. Thank you Sweet – it is only since you and ML mentioned about the rope side shot that i too can see it is almost like a portrait and like it more xx

  4. This almost looks like a portrait to me. I don’t know why, I know it’s a picture. This certainly works for hands tied. I really like how thick the rope is and the wooden chair while you’re naked- obviously. But it makes for such an interesting effect, especially with the black background also. It’s a very attractive photo!

  5. I’m so glad you posted the image where you show just a little more. It makes the eye search for little clues in every corner. I could spend a morning looking at it and wondering what’s going on inside. xoxo

  6. My favourite two photos are you in the black dress with you hand on your hip and delectable bum showing, and you on the white dress and hat with your nipples proudly standing at attention! Beautiful and sexy! But unlike you I love to see pictures of pussies! Of course I am a perv ???

    1. Lol Michael – I do actually like to see images of cocks and tits – but that is what i would call explicit photography rather than erotic. Cause I have to say I very much enjoy seeing Angus when I pop over to your blog 😉

    1. With erotic photography I think mystery is important – but explicit photography has its place too. I love the ones we see of Gem (and you now and then) – and I have a few more risque ones in my members section now too 😉

  7. That is a nice collection of pictures. I especially like the 4th one on the 2nd row. The heavy boots (and yes I really mean boots 😉 make it interesting. Like you have been outside in the garden like this and maybe some looked at you…

  8. I admire your ability to put your photos out there. Even the thought of someone from my vanilla life finding my blog terrifies me.

    But you have posted some really great photos. From the lighting to the angles and poses, you’ve got talent working with the camera.

    1. I have always enjoyed your photos, and because I follow you…the one where you “show too much” appeals to me most of all. There are parts of us that often must remain secret here online, and secrets mean missing pieces of a puzzle…Everyone wants to know the secret.

  9. There are some sensational photos here. You’ve just got it – the perfect touch both behind and in front of the camera. You just make all the shots so erotic and suggestive. I love the stories you suggest with them. Brilliant!

  10. Some marvellous photos there May, you look magnificent. The images run the gamut of alluring, sensual, stunning, and downright sexy.
    Thanks for sharing – in return I shall give you an emoji…

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