M ~ Cammies on the Floor ~ an unforgettable blogger

Today I would like to show my respect for the incredible M from Cammies on the Floor, who passed recently. I was greatly saddened and shocked by the news.

M  was an online sex blogger friend of mine. Well, I considered her that. I found her website after her sister died. We entered the same memes and she knew I was a huge fan of her photography. M was extremely creative and her photos were inspired.

We both participated in the February Photofest and her images were outstanding. That same month I featured her in my blogging Soss Summary and she was happy for me to include this image in the post.

Such a talented blogger

M was what I call an extremely generous blogger. She put aside time to read and comment on other blogger posts and photos, even being a visitor of my number two blog, which I neglect so much it doesn’t really deserve any attention.

Her own site was vibrant with such incredible honesty shining through her writing. It literally cut past any shit. Her photography was always going up a gear.

The last time I had any contact with her was June 28th.  My man’s birthday was coming up and I had asked the – “what should I get him” – question. Tagging a handful of my favourite innovative Twitter buddies in the tweet. Of course, M, who radiated with originality, was included in that Tweet. Here is her reply-

Jun 28

Replying to @more_matters @_Masterseye and 6 others

What kind of books does he like? Also, if you guys have been together long enough, why don’t you make him a collection of hot or romantic memories so it’s like his own personalized book (corny but cute)?

10:05 am – 28 Jun 2018

Always ready to give, genuine and patient. I used to refer to her as Cammie and she never scolded – Even though our contact was only online, I miss her presence already.

A pre-scheduled post published on her blog yesterday – aptly a summary of her past months of blogging.

My thoughts are with all those who personally knew and loved her.

M an unforgettable blogger

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14 thoughts on “M ~ Cammies on the Floor ~ an unforgettable blogger”

  1. She was one of my best friends for over 20 years and I miss her deeply. Thank you for your wonderful tribute to her.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Twenty years is a long time. I didn’t know her long but miss her blogging for sure. She was a kind and generous person.

  2. M was one my closest friends. I loved her so much and respected her honesty and vulnerability and sexiness & humor both in her writing and her daily life. Thank you for such a lovely tribute to my beautiful one. ?

  3. Thank you for this. I love seeing all the people she touched posting and writing and talking about how amazing she is.

  4. Thank you for writing this May. It is shocking news. Reading her last few tweets and her posthumous blog this week was heartbreaking. Her generosity, intelligent writing and wonderful photographs will be so greatly missed.

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