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Can’t Tell you… But I will (I’m a Messy Girl)

Stand Alone Story, Part 2 of Can’t tell you…

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Bart and I have been playing kinky games for a while now.

I can’t tell you how messy I get while I’m at his place. Jizz in my hair and lipstick smeared across my face. Bart says I’m a proper picture, and he should know, being a photographer by trade.

Today, he invited me over for some sexy fun and said he wanted to take my photo too. So here I am standing in the middle of the room, dressed all in black — boots, stockings, knickers, bra and a wide open, fake fur trimmed knee-length jacket. Plus, of course, my trademark — bright, red lipstick.

Bart approves and snaps away with his Canon.

“Enough work. Time for the games.”

He declares and takes off his neckerchief.

At first, I think he is going to strip. But then I remember that is not really how Bart plays. I’m usually the naked one.

He removes my jacket, and wraps the scarf around my head. I am blindfolded. I can not see a thing.

Pulling the scrunchie from my hair, he uses it to tie my hands behind my back. I can’t tell you how clever and resourceful Bart is.

Now, I feel a little disorientated. I certainly don’t want to trip and hurt myself, so I giggle and just stand very still. I wonder if he’s watching me? Jiggling my hips, my panties dampen at the thought.

It is probably only a matter of moments, but feels longer, before I sense his presence. He hasn’t touched me — but — it is almost like his shadow or body heat is grazing my skin.

Without my eyes, I am becoming hyper sensitive.

Gently he touches my cleavage with soft fingertips and I try to relax. Then something different, something textile, strokes my chin.

I can’t tell you how much I hate unknown things near my face. I flinch. What is it? It’s not his hand. The material smacks my cheek. First one, then the other. From the smell and texture, I think it must be leather. His glove perhaps? My breathing quickens and becomes shallow. Already I’m a little dizzy with desire and worried I may lose my balance.

“Bart, you won’t let me fall, will you?”

He takes this onboard and moves me over to sit on the sofa, pulling my face into his torso. The chest hair tickles my skin and I can smell his scent. This makes me calmer. I can’t tell you how good Bart smells.

He pushes me back into the cushions, removes my panties and forces my thighs apart before he licks my naked slit. Running his tongue up and down, in and around.

Bart stands, and I hear shuffling, followed by his belt whipping the sensitive skin between my legs. I take a deep breath as he increases the force, and yelp just a little. Bart knows I love him to slap my cunt.

Finally, he unties my hands. Great. A little control back for me. Maybe he will let me play with his rocket?

“Turn round. Kneel with your hands on the back of the sofa and keep them there.”

He orders, in his deepest, sexist tone.

In this new position, my bum is right in front of him.


His hand cracks down on my butt cheek. Both holes contract as he repeats. I try and stifle my cries in case they encourage him to spank harder. Bart loves to hear me scream.

Now his knob is nuzzling against my smooth hole. The warm sensation of cock against soft folds is enticing, and I can’t’ help but push my ass back against him.

“Slutty girl wants my fat cock.”

He mocks.

Before I can reply, he jolts his hips forward and in one single movement fills me up as he fucks hard with short, sharp jabs. He then puts his hands around my neck and exerts just a bit of pressure to remind me he’s in charge. I never doubted it. Bart likes to tell me what to do, and it’s not long before he groans and covers my butt cheeks with his cream. Warm and sticky.

“What a messy, messy girl. Go and clean-up before Jack and Ben arrive to have their turn with you.”

What more games? Bart’s the best. I can’t tell you how lucky I am!

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