Can’t tell you… Erotica

Can’t tell you… Erotica

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Bart and me have just started playing. He’s a bit strange but I like that. We don’t fuck much. But do a whole lot of other stuff. He works from home and invites me round for games that really spark my kinky side.

The first time I had to come in via the back door – he left it open – and quietly go into his office. Bart was working at his computer. He’d instructed me to crawl under his desk without being seen and silently unzip and suck his cock. Then swallow the lot and leave without saying a word. I can’t tell you how hot that scene made me feel. I actually had a spontaneous climax – no noise – while I licked and teased his dick.

Then last week he told me to arrive in heels, slutty tight low cut dress, no knickers and crimson lipstick. He was on his lunch break and I had to serve him the food. It was ice-cream for afters and he laid me across his desk, smeared my cunt with the cold sweet dessert and ate my pussy. I cant tell you how aroused I got. First the cold, icy sticky mess all over my sensitive flesh. Then his warm, soft probing tongue feasting on me and the cream.

Yeah, Bart is not like any one I’ve ever met.

On Saturday night we had evening games. My instructions were

to be naked except for a fur coat, heels and ruby red lipstick.

Nothing else. He wanted me to meet some work colleagues. Apparently he’s the boss . They all work from home too and don’t get out much.

When I tottered into the room everyone had eaten. There were six of them sitting around the large dinner table drinking whiskey and listening to some classical music. Bart welcomed me.

“Becky. On time as usual. Just drop your coat like a good girl.”

All eyes were on me as I let the fur fall to the floor. Appreciative murmurers came from the guests. Can’t tell you how happy that made me.

“On your knees and crawl under the table. Me last”

I wriggled in between two chairs and was greeted by six cocks.

The nearest guy to me grabbed my head and rammed his meaty dick against my face. I opened my mouth and it slid into the hole. Then he sat back as I went to work. Slowly massaging his knob with my tongue until his load landed at the back of my throat. I can’t tell you how wonderfully dirty that felt.

Swallowing I moved on to the next guy. He wasn’t going to let me take things slow. Holding my head he shoved his cock in and right where he sat rocked back and forth as if he was fucking a cunt.

As I moved on to the third I could hear the men laughing and chatting as if nothing was going on under the table.

The fourth guy wiped his cock all over my face. Using the palm of his hand to push is against my cheeks and eyes. Eventually he came and rubbed the mess into my skin.

The fifth slapped my face hard and pushed it right into his crutch. He held  my hair and I ended up having to use my hand to finish him off.

Then it was Bart. He moved his chair back and looked down at me.

god is a concept i cant tell you

“You dirty, dirty bitch. Such a slut getting face fucked by strangers like that. If you could see yourself. Messy girl. Lipstick smeared across your face. Sperm tangling your hair.”

Then in front of all the other guys he ordered me to blow him.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that game.

I wonder what Bart will think up for next week?

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  1. Wow! The heat in this story is volcano-level, damn!
    Very well-written May, no unnecessary adjectives here, the matter-of-fact tone here conveys a lot about how you feel about the acts described.

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