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Music and Passion over the years

One of the great things about memes is they can give you writing inspiration. Often I set myself the challenge of linking to more that one meme with a post. Sometimes this is loosely done but when I saw the prompts for Musically Ranting and Wicked Wednesday I new a marriage was all set.

Music and Passion

Music you like to listen to when driving and passion. Let’s do it!

Young Love

The first thing that came to mind musically is Madness – I like driving in my car. Look at these brilliant lyrics.

I've been driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar 
I bought it in Primrose Hill from a bloke from Brazil
It was made in fifty-nine in a factory by the Tyne
It says Morris on the door, the G.P.O. owned it before

Certainly a song of it’s time.

I started dating my first serious boyfriend, Jim, a year or so after this song hit the charts. On his 17th birthday he passed his driving test. Jim worked, and the previous year he’d bought a clapped out Capri which he had lovingly restored. Jim was passionate about that car. And he was passionate about me too. Which meant one of his favourite pastimes was fucking me in the back of his Capri. (Which looked just like the one in the header from Pixabay.) And the song we listened to while having teenage sex was sooo aptly this one – Paradise by the Dashboard light from Meatloaf.

I remember every little thing
As if it happened only yesterday
Parking by the lake
And there was not another car in sight
And I never had a girl
Looking any better than you did
And all the kids at school
They were wishing they were me that night
And now our bodies are oh so close and tight
It never felt so good, it never felt so right 

Ain't no doubt about it
We were doubly blessed
'Cause we were barely seventeen
And we were barely dressed

However, in this song the woman begs the guy to marry her. That didn’t happen with Jim and me. He was/is a sterling guy but I moved on to my best friend Vic.

Best Friends

And would you believe Vic and I did a lot of fucking in his car too. We didn’t have a choice as his Mum was not keen on me and my step father hated him. His car was our sanctuary. And, this time the passion was on both sides.

Aside tale

Here’s an amusing story that happened during this time.

For some reason we both had the day off work. He rang. Saying he was still in bed and asked me to go over as both his parents were at work. We lived within ten minutes walk of each other so this was an easy request. I highhtailed it over, jumped into bed with him and within moments he was inside me.

So, there we were relishing our time together when suddenly the noise of the front door opening stopped us in our tracks. Shortly, his mothers dulcet tones filled the air, berating Vic for still being in bed at 11am. I can not tell you how my heart nearly jumped straight out of my chest. She went on to potter in the kitchen and then the reason became clear why she had come home for a break. The washing had finished. It was a lovely sunny day and she wanted to get it out to dry on the line. When we realised she had disappeared into the garden I hot tailed it out of the front door, while Vic went off to keep his mother distracted.

Not long after this we got a place together. But until then often we would be making out, chatting, just being together until the early hours of the morning in his car. We played so much different music and often listened to the radio. Years later, when we had both moved on to pastures and passions new, Vic said that Boys of Summer by Don Henley always reminded him of me and those heady days.

I can see you
Your brown skin shining in the sun
You got your hair combed back and these
Sunglasses on baby
I can tell you 
My love for you will still be strong
After the boys of summer have gone 

I never will forget those nights
I wonder if it was a dream 
Remember how you made me crazy
Remember how I made you scream

The weird One

I have mentioned before about a boyfriend Al. And how he kinda forced me to give him head in his car. I was slightly older when I dated him so we didn’t spend a lot of time in cars but one day when I was staying at my Mum’s house while she was on holiday he came over and was thrilled to find some Julio Iglesias music. Al was an amusing guy. We sat around drinking beer and played it all ;-). The one I remember the most is sang very passionately by Julio, in Spanish. I recommend it.

Recent Times

Before the days of Covid my man and I would travel all around the UK for work purposes. Sometimes playing music. Sometimes in silence. An album we both love and have played often during our years together is – Exile on Main St. by the Rolling Stones. An absolutely incredible album. But one song we can not leave behind on our travels simply exudes love and passion from the writer and singer Richard Thompson. I have mentioned this song – Beeswing before and if you don’t listen to anything else today listen to this.

Oh she was a rare thing, fine as a bee's wing
So fine a breath of wind might blow her away
She was a lost child, oh she was running wild
She said "As long as there's no price on love, I'll stay.
And you wouldn't want me any other way"

Music and passion go hand in hand. As I have said recently – Music feeds the soul.

Would love to know what you listen to when driving or fucking? 😉

Music and Passion while out driving

Music and Passion

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Discipline & Punishment ~ subtle behaviour modification

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I had been thinking about the prompt 4thoughts and decided that I didn’t really know too much about discipline and punishment. But then again, perhaps I was wrong…

Musings about everyday Discipline and Punishment

It seems most relationships work on a transactional basis – an exchange of sorts. The more balanced the exchange, the healthier the partnership. In the past I have been involved with a couple of men who let me rule the roost. It can be a nice place to be, temporarily. However, after a while my respect for them began to dwindle and I knew that together we were not a good match.

Of course with any transaction there needs to be give and take. But this should come from both sides. And even applies if you are in a D’s dynamic. The Dom needs to care for the subs needs, just as the sub wants to please the Dom.

Discipline and punishment role play can consensually be used as part of a relationship in ways that both parties enjoy. This can work for daily activities and sex sessions. But I do wonder, is being told you are going to be punished and agreeing to it – for the sake of sexy capers – really a punishment? And what about consensual discipline? Can such a thing still be discipline if you are agreeing to it?

Definitions ~ online sources

Discipline ~ The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.

Punishment ~ The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense

Everyday life

Surely, real discipline and punishment is carried out on a day to day – very general basis – where perhaps either party is not even aware it is occurring.

It may be the little things. For example:

Alex is cross with Harley for not having done their share of the chores. When they go to bed Alex punishes Harley by refusing sex. Alex may actually be pissed off which would put a dampener on their sex drive anyhow. But if Harley is feeling horny, then they will think their needs are being denied and punished. A simple scenario. But perhaps next time Harley may well not neglect their share of the chores.

And so, Alex has successfully modified Harley’s behaviour with discipline and punishment.

In every day life discipline and punishment only works in situations, like the example above, when the punishment is equal to the deed the person is being disciplined for. If Harley forgets to take the rubbish out and as a consequence Alex refuses to interact with Harley for a week – and perhaps also does not share meals – then Harley will soon get fed up of Alex’s pre-madonna ways.  Harley  won’t adapt in a positive manner at all because the punishment being dished out by Alex is too extreme for the crime. Harley will probably just carry on behaving badly, or possibly worse.

Acceptable conditioning

I think what I am saying here is that everyday discipline and punishment is often in play within a relationship as an acceptable way to modify behaviour. It has not really been consented to. But never the less, is recognised as part and parcel of a partnership.

I am fascinated by plots in movies, books and plays – such as Gas Light. Stories that feature someone inflicting a continued drip of minor psychological digs at another person. They continue until the victim has become so on edge or anxious they feel as if they are literally going insane or they break down in some way. This type of situation could actually happen in real life because the gradual manipulation is a slow burn of small things – systematically carried out. Not noticed until the damage has been done.

Within society, behaviour modification –  via discipline and punishment – can be carried out lawfully if a crime is committed. But is also in play on a more subtle level to manipulate and distract people on a day to day basis. After all, influencing behaviour is central to government public policy.

What say you?


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Masturbation ~ When You Just got to Have it!

Masturbation ~ When You Got to Have It

Masturbation became a feature in my life from when I was about thirteen years old, but not using my finger. Being a prolific reader I rubbed the binding of a book along my slit. I was hooked, realising what pleasure was achieved – and for free! Continue reading Masturbation ~ When You Just got to Have it!

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Careless Talk ~ World War Two Drama

It is my opinion that after Catch the Catcher this story – Careless Talk – is my best work. The plot, set during the second world war, is fiction but the historical content is correct. I researched it thoroughly. It is longer than my normal posts but I didn’t want to split it in two.

A good reader will finish in 15 minutes.

Continue reading Careless Talk ~ World War Two Drama

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