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Narcissism: A disorder or just Ambition?

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of stories, posts and tweets about narcissism. Some informative and others written by those who stated they had been hurt by their involvement with a narcissist. In this post, I am not going to delve into stories about those who have genuinely been damaged by their involvement with narcissists. Instead, I am going to see if there is actually a positive side to behaving in this manner.

Devil’s advocate!

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Advice for would be Kink Enthusiasts

A good way to begin your foray into BDSM is by carrying out some research and then coming together with your partner to share your findings. At this point you can work out what you both want to try and where your limits and boundaries may lie.

Deciding you’re going to add some twists and turns to your sex life is just the beginning. Next you should look into what equipment you might need and where you can purchase such items. When my man and I embarked on our journey, at first, we made good use of everyday objects we came across. Let me explain…

Bondage and kink enthusiasts

I’d had to wait such a long time to explore my submissive side, when the time finally came I hardly knew where to start. What do we do? What kind of stuff do we need? Fortunately, my man and I brought our vivid imaginations and some practical skills to our sexual adventuring. Our first “weekend away” took us to a remote farm and within an hour he had me tied up to the solid oak beams in the hay-loft. Farmers, it seems, leave baling twine everywhere. I was well-trussed, upright with my arms and legs spread, wrists and ankles fixed tight to knot-holes and hooks. Some delicious spanking followed, and he used his belt, hands and mouth on me before letting his cock loose. At last my sexy dreams were coming true – and I was coming too.

Back at home, my man produced a home-made flail and we made good use of my cast-iron bed-frame, with four of my nylon scarves tied to the posts at each corner. The classic ‘X’ position became a real favourite. I know he loves to see me spread-eagled and waiting for him. I usually dress up for the occasion, in the kind of fuck-me-now lingerie which gets us both horny and eager.

Homemade whip

On another trip to the countryside, we found ourselves in a conservatory complete with a wrought-iron bench. We couldn’t resist this opportunity. After some thought, I stripped off and let my man position me length-ways for his pleasure. This time he bound my ankles to the bench and my hands behind my back using some of my stockings. We always travel with a bag of sexy bits and pieces. The finishing touch was a stocking pulled tight over my head, leaving my mouth exposed. Partly blindfolded, I adored the feel of the cold iron pressed hard against my skin as I was used for his pleasure. Needless to say he fucked my face and soaked me in hot cum! Again…

Choosing Equipment

As mentioned above, during these early days we generally used items we already owned. It is amazing how many – what once appeared ordinary items – can be used to enhance a bondage scene for kink enthusiasts. But as time went on we branched out and found some online sex toy outlets who provided great products for a good price. Although we did buy my collar from the local pet-shop, choosing a nicely-padded black leather job with metal studs. My man revealed a particular fondness for tying my hands behind my back with some hemp rope. Or above my head to a hook in the ceiling.

One of the great aspects of our countryside jaunts is the number of opportunities there are if you’re hanging around farms and fields. Given the right weather, a five-bar gate is the ideal frame for fun and games with ropes or twine. Hay bales, of course, make a nice yielding bed for a well-bound girl and a soft landing if you happen fall to your knees in search of a cock to suck.

If you use your imagination there’s plenty of domestic opportunities to be exploited. I’ve been tied to more than a few dining tables and chairs. Not to mention upright posts and one particularly sturdy coffee-table. Never underestimate a bean-bag or a pile of cushions either.

As time has gone on we’ve added to our bondage toy-box with shop bought products, household items and clothing, such as scarfs and belts. It is best to keep all the equipment safely in one place. A case in the wardrobe for instance. This ensures you know exactly where to find what’s needed to inspire and contribute to a sexy bondage session. Not to mention, you don’t want to leave any of it laying around for your mother in law to find!

Advice for would be Kink Enthusiasts is a sponsored post written by me.

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Sexual Intercourse ~ Having Sex or a Technicality?

Virginity is a strange concept. What actually is it? If a definition had to be assigned to the word “virgin” in the context of sex it would be  someone who has never had sexual intercourse. Yet virgin is also meant to mean, innocent or naive.

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