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Wear My Panties ~ Flash Part 9

Check out all the other episodes here. Each is below 500 words. But in a nut shell here’s what has happened so far…

Gen left her friends on a dare to visit the unknown old man across the road. However, her mates don’t realise that Mr Roberts and Gen know each other from ten years ago and he was pleased to see her. She disappeared inside his house to meet Mr Robert’s gorgeous grandson. After a few strong drinks the three of them begin a strip card game. And advance to all being topless – with Gen and Jacob sitting in their knickers and boxers. Suddenly the door bell rang. While Mr Roberts answered the door to Gen’s two friends, Jacob and her make their get away up the stairs and end up getting passionate on the bed…

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Holiday Sex Bedroom Blooper

This true tale happened about four or five summers ago. Memories from those years are bathed in a wonderful dreamy, glow. Still very vivid, yet they now have a far-away feel to them. I am so glad my man and I explored many different places and ideas back then. It was a fine time to be in love and enjoying all that life had to offer.

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Learning to Become Comfortable With Your Kinks

I recently wrote how being kinky is not perverse and what may be normal for one kinkster won’t be for another. The following article is not written by me but it does delve into being kinky.

It is a guest post exploring different kinks and how to find someone suitable to share them with.

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