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Back Door Fun: Lust in a Hot Climate #3

Not being averse to rear entry, I opened the lube from my bedside cabinet…

In Part One and Part Two we learned that Dan decided to ditch his studies and the UK. He helps out Mr and Mrs Jock at their bar in Magaluf. And Jock is happy for Dan to also shag his foxy 50 something wife. In this episode which can be read as a stand alone, Dan’s sex life takes a different turn …

Back Door Fun

It has to be said, flying out to Magaluf was one of the best decisions of my life. The trip changed my goals completely. The boy in me was transformed into a man by spending time with Judy. And going out fishing with her husband, Jock, was similar to a bloke’s night out — too much beer with nothing taking the bait. Not only that, I loved working at Jock’s Place. Things couldn’t have been better.

One day I took a stroll down to the beach. It was my afternoon off from the bar and I fancied a swim. The sea was a delight but it wasn’t long before the sun loungers were all taken. Most seemed to be occupied by people about my age — early 20’s — who covered themselves with lotion, laid down and went to sleep.

I was just about to go for a swim when I noticed an extremely gorgeous babe walking past in only a thong. Her small round titties gleaming with oil in the sunlight. Nipples pert even in the heat. I suspected she had recently applied sun cream and massaged them to attention. My cock stirred as I watched her ambling down to the sea and I began to anticipate the planned evening ahead with Judy in her skimpy lingerie. Even at fifty-something I knew she would give most of these young babes a run for their money.

Once I had dried off I hurried back to Jock’s Place and Judy met me at the door.

“Dan I‘m’ sorry. I was looking forward to a dirty night with you and goodness knows I need a fuck but we’re too busy. A party has just booked half the restaurant area. Another evening, honey.”

Seeing the disappointment on my face she continued. “That doesn’t mean you can’t have some sexy fun. You aren’t tied to my apron strings! Why don’t you go and find some chicks your own age. C’mon you know I don’t mind.” She nestled against me, then discreetly and gently gave my balls a squeeze. “I think these need emptying sooner than I can give them any attention.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and went back into the bar.

I decided to check out the talent at a club on the outskirts of town so headed off in that direction intending to stop for a bite to eat first. Just as the larger buildings dwindled and the smaller local cafes appeared my eye was caught by a pretty taverna. It was family-owned and by far the best feature was their nineteen year old daughter, Maria, who was waiting tables.

She was a peach. Long, straight black hair framed her delicate features. Rosebud mouth ripe and ready. Not to mention, as soon as I sat down it was obvious she liked me. Over the course of dinner I invited her to the club with me. She nodded, although I was not sure she understood what I’d asked. Maria didn’t speak much English. However, after I‘d ’finished that first meal she took my hand and made it clear she was not interested in going to a club — she wanted to come back to my room. And who was I to say no?

We only just made it through the door before I was tasting her generous mouth. Stripping in double quick time she landed on her knees to worship my cock. Her whole face pushed against me as her mouth took in my dick. Without inhibitions she licked and slurped as if she had never witnessed such a fine penis. She was a welcome antidote to the stuck-up students from my college at home in England.

To be honest I was overwhelmed by her attentions and as Mrs Jock had noticed my balls were ready to burst so it wasn’t long until her pretty face was covered in my sperm. Maria didn’t seem to mind. After cleaning up we began kissing again. I was in my prime so my cock was not quiet for long.

I pushed her face-down onto the bed, needing to fuck. Covering my dick with a rubber I lined up for a swift entry when her hand went down between her legs and she stopped me penetrating her cunt. Muttering, in broken English, ‘I a virgin’. Well that statement certainly surprised me but when she moved my knob to her arse hole, making a few appreciative moans, I understood — having heard that in some cultures it was important to still be intact on the wedding night. Not being averse to rear entry I opened the lube from my bedside cabinet and generously rubbed it over the condom and her anus. Then inched myself into the warm, tight orifice.

Maria arched her back and wriggled so my rod was completely engulfed. Her hand went down to her clit and as I rode her home she rubbed at her bud until we both fell onto the bed, sweaty and fulfilled. I stayed on top until my dick slid out. What a girl. I mean Mrs Jock was great but Maria was nearer my own age and so willing too. I wondered if I could fall for a babe like her. Before I managed to ask if she wanted to stay the night, she jumped up, dressed and rushed home jabbering on about her father.

The next day I sat down with a coffee and told Judy all about it. She didn’t mind at all. In fact she suggested I get Maria out of my system and see her as much as I wanted. Reassuring me she would be waiting to provide some proper loving.

To be continued…

Back Door Fun: This story first appeared on my Medium Profile, as part of a two episode series. I am sharing it here in four parts, each published on a Saturday and linked to Wicked Wednesday and Erotic Fiction Deluxe. However, if you are impatient for the final part, you can continue to the next episode here…

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Age is only a Number: Lust in a Hot Climate #2

In part one, Dan takes a lone holiday to Magaluf. He enjoys the atmosphere of a café in town that is owned by an older Scottish couple – Jock’s Place. One night at a special event he gets lucky and enjoys a knee trembling experience with a sexy looking, Mrs Jock, who he thinks must be twice his age.

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Jock’s Place: Lust in a Hot Climate #1

Relaxing on the sun lounger, I watched the babes massaging lotion into their boobs and thighs, and my cock stirred.

Jock’s Place – Part one of four

I’d just turned twenty when I went to Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca. Back in those days, they called it Shagaluf. For obvious reasons. It was the last summer before completing my degree. A final chance to let my hair down, then it would be time to start a job. ‘Stockbroker,’ I thought. I was studying Business at Durham University, so that seemed like the right career path.

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Getting Wet and Dirty in April

Part One : A Golden Opportunity

Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay — Adapted by the author

I’d just come in from turning over the flower bed at the bottom of the garden, and for some reason the exercise plus the smell of the soil had made me horny as fuck.

April. I’ve got an idea.” I grinned over at my wife.

“Hello darling. I’m all ears.”

But I have to say she was lying. My loving wife was more like tits, arse and cunt — and always up for some kinky fun.

“I’m sweaty and grimy from working in the garden. The month of April has arrived, but without the showers. How about I lay on the grass while you clean me up a bit?”

And I wasn’t talking about hooking up the hose. There was nothing quite as dirty and hot as April straddling my body, squatting and letting her steaming, golden juice rain over me.

Without saying a word, she chased me outside to a secluded spot, both of us stripping as we ran. Then I laid on the lush, cool grass while April showered me down…

Part Two: Dirty in April: Planting the Bed with Seed

I can’t help myself. Ever since I dug over that patch of earth at the bottom of the garden, so it is pure dirt waiting to be planted, I have had one only thought on my mind… I want to, I need to, I must… lay in the soil naked and cover myself with the moist cool mud. Sooth my body and soul.

It has been a warm springtime, and I often wake a little hot and sweaty from having my darling wife’s sensual body near, heating my loins. Today, my cock’s lively, but April isn’t. After last night’s shower fun, she is dead to the world, and her sleepy noises tell me that my cock caressing her arse would not be welcome.

I slip out of bed and see the sun rising above the hill on the horizon. I don’t need to do much, I just put on my trainers and tiptoe down the stairs. Once at the back door, I literally run to the end of the garden. Without hesitation, I kick off my shoes and fling myself onto the empty flower bed. Then turning on to my back, I cover my loins with the dirt, rubbing it between my thighs — feeling dirty. Quickly my rod is as hard as steel and with just a few pumps I shower the flower bed with seed…

These flash tales first appeared as part of a newsletter on medium promoting the prompt of April Showers for Redemption Magazine.

Marsha has followed this prompt here with the start of a fab golden showers story.

Read another golden shower story here and about my personal experience with the taboo act here…

Header image by Photo by KoolShooters – adapted by May More.

Curious about Golden Showers

The Monster from Coney Island

A few months back, I went over to this guy’s pad for some bondage play. I met him on TiedAndFucked dot com — so I trusted he would deliver. As soon as I walked through the door, he striped me naked and pushed me to my knees.

“Suck it,” he demanded. Which is fine as I didn’t need asking. Com’on, any chick who is a member of T&F is what you’d call an easy bet.

One time, this dude handcuffed me before I even got through the front door. A recipe for disaster, you would think… Turned out rather well, but that’s a story for another day.

OK. Kneeling in front of him I enthusiastically pulled out his rod. But to be honest, it was less of a rod and more curvy, like a snake. A long one too. But I’ve seen all kinds of cock in my time, so without hesitation I clasped my lips around the shaft and began to treat him to my considerable oral talents.

As well as looking a little odd, it smelled like fish and chips, you know the aroma that wafts around seaside towns — fishy and salty rolled into one. Not unpleasant. Just a little strange. I wondered if he’d recently wanked off. That would answer why he wasn’t totally rigid, and jizz is very individual, scent wise. Don’t you find?

His cock got longer and longer while I sucked, until he was literally deep throating me. Told you I have superior oral skills.

After about five minutes, he looked flushed and told me to lay on the bed. He swiftly bound me to each corner, so from above I thought I must have looked like a starfish. Yep. I just couldn’t shake off that ocean scene. But I was happy to be tied up. Now for the fucking I’d anticipated. And I wasn’t wrong!

Right before my eyes, the guy’s groin seem to erupt and five more cocks broke through the skin, growing and undulating as I watched.

His head flopped forward, eyes disappearing into the back of their sockets while the tentacles — cause that’s what they were — began to coil out, across, and around my body.

I’m not easily shocked but it did appear the dude who’d secured me to the bed had morphed into some kind of sea creature without even an apology. I am sure you can understand why I began to scream. Loudly.

Immediately, I was silenced into a pout by the end of one of the tentacles. Then, something wet and slimy entered my mouth. Similar to being French kissed by a vigorous suitor.

I calmed myself by breathing though my nose, before I became distracted by the most girthy appendage swiftly entering my cunt and pumping with vengeance. The pace was remarkable. Even though I was secured to the mattress my torso rode up the bed as a consequence. And still the serpent kiss continued.

My head was bouncing off the bed-board. I felt dazed and began to wonder if I was having a weird lucid dream when another slimmer tentacle snaked around my back and sneaked into my asshole before expanding and filling me competently.

At this point the kisser stopped seducing my lips but began to plummet the depths of my mouth, really putting my deep throating abilities to the test. My whole body was pulsing to the tune of this beast when my endorphins kicked in and the blood began rushing to every nerve cell in my body. I was being stimulated beyond my wildest desire, and the fact the protagonist was not something I recognised, made no difference. I started to convulse and shake as the most intense climax took hold.

The creature’s appendages withdrew and I laid back, satiated, before falling into a deep sleep. I awoke, untied and covered with a blanket. Without checking if the monster from Coney Island was home, I grabbed my clothes and ran.

What a ride. Even though, I didn’t know where the guy originated from or what those tendrils really gained from me, as soon as I went online I made sure to put my membership for T&F on auto-renewal — just in case I got another chance to find out.

Monster from Coney Island first appeared on my Medium profile. If you would like to read everyone’s Medium stories, it only costs a little over one dollar a week. By using my referral link, you directly support me & other writers.

Header Image by M W from Pixabay

Recipe for Disaster
Mmm Monster from Coney Island

Hold Me Closer

It was the last time…

I picked Emily up after the dance recital. Her parents had said to take her straight home.

“No disrespect Jimmy, but a bum like you isn’t good enough for our Emily. Bring her back from class, a chance to say goodbye. We’re leaving for the south of France tomorrow. Our summer break will give you the chance to move on. Get a new girl. When we come back, Emily starts with The National. There won’t be time for boyfriends.”

Didn’t they realise watching her dance filled me with pride. She was my tiny dancer.

We’d met last summer in town when I finished a gig at the Empire — I didn’t get many. After, she was waiting by my car with her pirate’s smile, “I like how you play the guitar. It’s part of you. You play from the inside… out.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I liked the way she felt — from the outside, in — as I pulled down her blue jeans and fucked her on the back seat later that night.

Now ten months on, driving away from the theatre, I tell her this is meant to be our last time.

Tears stream down her face. But she understands. Her parents only want the best for her.

“NO!” I shout. “Let’s go. Leave. Just the two of us. Together.”

I can’t bear to be without her.

“That’s not right Jimmy. I have to dance.”

My eyes sting, as I fight back the hurt.

I pull up in the car park of our deserted small town beach. Leaning over, I gently lick the salty tears from her face. My hand begins to shake as I trace the curve of her breast, up across her clavicle to meet the soft area at the base of her throat.

Softly, our lips meet.

It’s the only way… With increasing pressure, I slowly, but resolutely, strangle the life from my tiny dancer — sucking the last breath out of her, as we kiss.

And now, she’s in me.

I start up the engine. Stroke her delicate, motionless fingers. Put my foot on the accelerator, and speed towards the cliff edge.

We crash through the wooden fence and glide through the air — nothing but the sea below — the sky above — and tiny dancer in my hand.

Flying. Dancing.

Always with me…

Header Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

This Story was inspired by Tiny Dancer, a song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

Hold me Closer first appeared on my Medium profile. If you would like to read everyone’s Medium stories, it only costs a little over one dollar a week. By using my referral link, you directly support me & other writers.

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