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Getting Wet and Dirty in April

Part One : A Golden Opportunity

Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay — Adapted by the author

I’d just come in from turning over the flower bed at the bottom of the garden, and for some reason the exercise plus the smell of the soil had made me horny as fuck.

April. I’ve got an idea.” I grinned over at my wife.

“Hello darling. I’m all ears.”

But I have to say she was lying. My loving wife was more like tits, arse and cunt — and always up for some kinky fun.

“I’m sweaty and grimy from working in the garden. The month of April has arrived, but without the showers. How about I lay on the grass while you clean me up a bit?”

And I wasn’t talking about hooking up the hose. There was nothing quite as dirty and hot as April straddling my body, squatting and letting her steaming, golden juice rain over me.

Without saying a word, she chased me outside to a secluded spot, both of us stripping as we ran. Then I laid on the lush, cool grass while April showered me down…

Part Two: Dirty in April: Planting the Bed with Seed

I can’t help myself. Ever since I dug over that patch of earth at the bottom of the garden, so it is pure dirt waiting to be planted, I have had one only thought on my mind… I want to, I need to, I must… lay in the soil naked and cover myself with the moist cool mud. Sooth my body and soul.

It has been a warm springtime, and I often wake a little hot and sweaty from having my darling wife’s sensual body near, heating my loins. Today, my cock’s lively, but April isn’t. After last night’s shower fun, she is dead to the world, and her sleepy noises tell me that my cock caressing her arse would not be welcome.

I slip out of bed and see the sun rising above the hill on the horizon. I don’t need to do much, I just put on my trainers and tiptoe down the stairs. Once at the back door, I literally run to the end of the garden. Without hesitation, I kick off my shoes and fling myself onto the empty flower bed. Then turning on to my back, I cover my loins with the dirt, rubbing it between my thighs — feeling dirty. Quickly my rod is as hard as steel and with just a few pumps I shower the flower bed with seed…

These flash tales first appeared as part of a newsletter on medium promoting the prompt of April Showers for Redemption Magazine.

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Header image by Photo by KoolShooters – adapted by May More.

Curious about Golden Showers

Hold Me Closer

It was the last time…

I picked Emily up after the dance recital. Her parents had said to take her straight home.

“No disrespect Jimmy, but a bum like you isn’t good enough for our Emily. Bring her back from class, a chance to say goodbye. We’re leaving for the south of France tomorrow. Our summer break will give you the chance to move on. Get a new girl. When we come back, Emily starts with The National. There won’t be time for boyfriends.”

Didn’t they realise watching her dance filled me with pride. She was my tiny dancer.

We’d met last summer in town when I finished a gig at the Empire — I didn’t get many. After, she was waiting by my car with her pirate’s smile, “I like how you play the guitar. It’s part of you. You play from the inside… out.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I liked the way she felt — from the outside, in — as I pulled down her blue jeans and fucked her on the back seat later that night.

Now ten months on, driving away from the theatre, I tell her this is meant to be our last time.

Tears stream down her face. But she understands. Her parents only want the best for her.

“NO!” I shout. “Let’s go. Leave. Just the two of us. Together.”

I can’t bear to be without her.

“That’s not right Jimmy. I have to dance.”

My eyes sting, as I fight back the hurt.

I pull up in the car park of our deserted small town beach. Leaning over, I gently lick the salty tears from her face. My hand begins to shake as I trace the curve of her breast, up across her clavicle to meet the soft area at the base of her throat.

Softly, our lips meet.

It’s the only way… With increasing pressure, I slowly, but resolutely, strangle the life from my tiny dancer — sucking the last breath out of her, as we kiss.

And now, she’s in me.

I start up the engine. Stroke her delicate, motionless fingers. Put my foot on the accelerator, and speed towards the cliff edge.

We crash through the wooden fence and glide through the air — nothing but the sea below — the sky above — and tiny dancer in my hand.

Flying. Dancing.

Always with me…

Header Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

This Story was inspired by Tiny Dancer, a song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

Hold me Closer first appeared on my Medium profile. If you would like to read everyone’s Medium stories, it only costs a little over one dollar a week. By using my referral link, you directly support me & other writers.

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Seduced by a real life Limited Edition

Her long shiny, wavy hair was silver-grey and her eyes were the colour of whiskey.

When I was young, my mates and I all wanted that cougar experience – to be seduced by an older woman. Being particularly shy, I was surprised when it happened to me. That may also be why, I have never been able to forget her.

We got chatting in a bar when I was relaxing after a conference at work, and I eagerly went back to her place when invited…

She must have been over fifty — double my age. Her long shiny, wavy hair was silver-grey and her iris the colour of whiskey. She spoke softly, looking directly at me. My cock involuntarily stiffened. In reply, her nipples protruded through her white silk blouse, and the skin around her neckline became rosy.

Everything seemed magnified within the intensity of the moment.

Joining her on the sofa, I wondered if she’d noticed the bulge in my jeans? Our eyes locked — and her generous mouth moved to meet mine.

She opened her legs to welcome my hand as I slid it under her skirt. Bare thighs above stockings, smooth and radiating heat. Pulling her knickers aside, I explored her cunt.

Wet and silky.

At the same time, she freed my cock.

Sitting back, I allowed her skilled and gentle fingers to tease and pull the skin. Before she lowered her mouth and manipulated my shaft with her lips and tongue.

Then, she stopped.

“I want you inside me.”

She wanted me…

Any uncertainty vanished. I’d never desired someone so badly, buttressed by knowing she felt the same.

My shyness disappeared. It seemed as if she’d cast a spell over me.

I was alive, unabashed and confident, assertive for the first time in my life.

She was already leaning over the sofa cushions. Kneeling behind, I lifted her skirt to be greeted by ass cheeks covered in lacy frills. My eyes revelled at the sight. I wanted to prolong this vision but my cock took control. Discarding her panties I nestled my knob at her core and slowly pushed inside. She felt wonderful. Her cunt contracted around my dick, pulling me in further, refusing to let go. Slowly and deliberately, I fucked her. Wanting to savour every, single thrust.

The next morning I left feeling I could conquer the world.

I never saw her again, but now, I am the age she was then, and realise what an incredible gift she gave me that day.

Seduced by a Ltd. Edition

Header Image By Darina Belonogova from Pexels

Moonlight ~ A Flash Erotic Story

Written to the prompt of the subtitle below – 345 words.

Flannel, Farms, and Photographs

“Let me make sure I got this right. You want me to meet you on the edge of the farm, near the barn, at midnight, so you can take some naked photographs of me by moonlight. Is that right?”

“In a nutshell. And don’t be late.” Jet kissed my hand and left me sitting in the pub nursing the rest on my lager.

I’d only known him for a few weeks and liked what I saw. He was a photographer, adventurous, hot and available. To say I wanted to get in his boxes was an understatement. I wanted him in me. Filling my cunt and gripping my throat. But for the moment it seemed like I’d have to make do with some fun under the light of the moon. And who knew where that may lead?

My family owned the farm on the edge of the village. Everyone was in bed by ten. Which meant it was easy to nip out at the stroke of midnight in my flannel PJs and wellie boots. Jet was waiting, all smiles and tripod.

I quickly disposed of my nightwear, thankful it was a warm night, and posed against the grubby steel outside the barn and then inside, laying on the scratchy hay.

Jet busily snapped away with his camera until I decided to add a bit of fun to the proceedings. I opened my legs slightly. Sure that the moonlight, peeping through the open barn door, would highlight my shaved mons and slit, which I could tell would be glistening with the product of my arousal at the thought of Jet being able to see the most intimate part of me.

“Oh, perfect.” he murmured, putting his camera down.

Within moments, he was naked, his cock proudly leading the way as without any messing he knelt astride and greedily took what I was offering. Hand around my neck as he pounded me into the bale beneath us.

That was last week. Tomorrow we are meeting for some nude photos in the graveyard – yeah you got it, at midnight, the bewitching hour. Can’t wait.

Moonlight FFF #14
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Header Image by Ralf Seemann from Pixabay

The Police ~ Flash Part 13

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Previously... Gen left her friend’s pyjama party on a dare to visit the unknown Mr Roberts across the road. However, her mates don’t realise that he was Gen’s headmaster, ten years ago. She disappeared inside the house to meet his gorgeous grandson. After a few G & Ts the three of them begin a strip card game. And advance to all being topless – with Gen and Jacob sitting in their knickers and boxers.

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