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Space for Someone like Me

Before Covid my man and I worked together all over the UK. Our home was a beloved bolt-hole where we recharged our batteries before going back to our job.

The first lockdown trapped us in a city, so we were determined not to be caught out by the second one in2021. We made sure we were already in our own place when the restrictions were enforced. However, we found ourselves in an impossible situation. Our wonderful home, which we adored, had developed toxic mold. Because of the nature of our work, we had never needed to be there for more than a few weeks at a time. The mold had literally crept up on us. It was a very painful experience for many reasons. Mentally and physically. So much so, that I have chosen to write about it here in an abstract manner.

My Story — My Space

I had a space. Paradise. I lived in that space. Loved in that space and loved that space.

Then in a few short months it turned on me, outside and in, clawed at my body and soul. Destroying my spirit and eating away my insides. Scarring my skin and my self esteem. This all sounds far fetched but it happened — not long ago.

My space was natural and bright. Wooded and green. About a hundred meters from the backdoor a river roared as it went on its way.

Before my space showed it’s forked tongue the virus had imprisoned me in another place where I pined for my woodland paradise. Instead, I was cooped up in a tiny urban square, feeling I didn’t belong and wasn’t wanted. I searched for the others but they didn’t reply. And all the while I longed to see green rather than grey. Finally, happy was the day when I returned and embraced my woodland home.

When lockdown two arrived, I dug my heels into the mud and refused to budge from my personal heaven — even though I was ordered to stay inside, except for one walk a day after dusk. But as I sat my ground, watching the birds swoop from branch to post, the arborists came and cut down the trees. Right in front of my eyes. Massive kings that had welcomed the spring for centuries. As if they were worthless, but of course they were not. So the men chopped them into logs and sold them for firewood. My soul screamed inside. Totally scarred by the indignity and unnecessary rape of the land. And while the injustice outside tore at my sensibility, inside became physically toxic and began to attack my health.

I could see things were not right. But the memories and expectations of my space would not let me give up. So, my nails tore into my tingling, itching skin and I fed the birds on the decking — as they stayed even though the trees were gone.

But there is only so much that a being can stand. But stand it you can, until shown something else you knew before — life without the hardship or having to swim in the toxic soil.

That’s when the flag was raised and I was told enough is enough. No matter how I protested he said, “no more — it’s making us sick!”

The space I loved… Turned in on itself so there wasn’t clarity within for me to enjoy. Only poisonous air where once love had been. So I left it behind in search of another space, one to help me mend, where the air would be clear and the trees and I could breath.

I never thought I’d find one but good fortune was on my side. Karma if you will. And now each day, as I hear the waves crash on the shore, I praise the universe for creating other spaces that heal and do not harm.

Plus, the knowledge that there is more than one space for man — or a woman like me.

Toxic Mold

Toxic mold or black mold is a fungus. It can grow in your home in dark, damp places that perhaps you don’t even realise exist until too late. That is exactly what happened in my home. Not everyone is badly affected by mold spores. However, some people may be more sensitive to them than others, such as those with allergies or long term eczema sufferers (me). People who are susceptible to the fungus can then develop respiratory symptoms, and other problems, after inhaling just a small number of spores.

Fungal spores are ubiquitous in indoor environments, and the growth of mould in buildings can often lead to negative health effects such as skin rashes, headaches, dizziness and chronic fatigue of the occupants.

The National Center for Biotechnology

Once mold damage has occurred to walls, furniture or clothes it is very difficult to reverse. Some use bleach which only masks the stain. Concoctions of white vinegar, lemon juice and grapefruit seed extract are better at killing the spores.

Thankfully, my story has a happy ending. Even though we had to move and dispose of a lot of personal effects, we have now found a happy space, and

after hardship life in general tastes sweeter.

Find out other information about black mold here — if you really want to…

This story first appeared on my Medium profile last year.

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Wicked Wednesday

An Ode to HitchHiking

When I was young and probably foolish, I had a marvellous adventure hitichhiking with my first long term boyfriend. You can read about it in detail here. It was a wonderful memory to take forward and an experience which also helped me write this story about a long distance lorry driver who just happens to be a bigamist – based on my adopted father, actually.

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Multiple Wet Dreams – Sex while you sleep

I felt extremely horny. The date with Ashley had left me feeling as hot as hell. He was very good-looking with such a fit body. Yet when it came down to sex he just could not deliver.  Now alone in my bed I licked my fingers and put my hands between my legs. Finding my clitoris, I began to rhythmically rub – thrusting my pelvis upwards. I had him in my mind’s eye, the way he looked, but now he was passionately thrusting his cock into me while staring assiduously into my eyes. Mine were shut as I began to cum. Bloody hell it was such a relief. I needed it so badly. Then something strange happened – I kept rubbing to gently complete the orgasm when I felt my body go into a second climatic spasm! I rolled along with it, eventually becoming still on my bed, exhausted.

Multiple Orgasms

The above rendition happened when I was in my early 20’s and until a few weeks ago it was the only time I remember having two orgasms in sequence.  I’ve read about women who have the ability to climax a second time immediately after the first during a sex session.  This is described as having multiple orgasms. Apart from the above, I will admit it’s something that in the main has eluded me. But hey, I also know of a woman who does not climax at all, and my single orgasms are often pretty intense, so I don’t really feel  I’ve missed out by not achieving the multiple.

Sleep Sex

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Looking back on the above occasion, I think I was so fired up having been with this really gorgeous lad that one climax was not enough. Nowadays, I climax when I need, with my man or by my own hand. But sometimes when I am exhausted, or have been ill, I may not be able to come, life gets in the way. That was the case a few weeks ago, and one morning after my man had got up; I fell into a light sleep.  I began to dream that he and I were naked with another female. She was athletic and blond. We were all sitting together on a long sofa with my man in the middle. Now I know that if he reads this, he will be hoping I am about to write that we both simultaneously began to lick his cock whilst fondling each other. But that didn’t happen. In my subconscious, I obviously felt that I lacked attention, as what did happen next was all about me.

Multiple Wet Dreams

He put his right arm around my shoulder, fondling my breast as we began to kiss. His left hand went between my legs and his fingers slipped into my cunt. Now covered in my juices, he began to massage my clitoris. All the while, this other female – who incidentally was a complete stranger – looked on whilst touching herself. Within the dream, I thrust my pubic bone against my man’s hand as he continued to caress me. Slowly I began to cum. I felt the orgasm within the wet-dream and it also reached the consciousness of my waking self – in reality, I threw my hips in an upward motion to make the most of the orgasm.

Back to Dream Land

I promptly went back down into my dream again and as my climax was ending my man reached for the other woman and pulled her over, placing her hand between my thighs. She began to play with my clitoris whilst looking intently at me. Within a few seconds, I found myself cumming again. To my delight, I think it happened three times. I woke briefly –smiling- and was so relaxed from the sensation that I fell back to sleep.

Dream Fuck Buddy

When I roused myself fully I pondered over what had happened. I used to have regular wet dreams during infrequent sexual activity.  At one point many years ago I even had a dream fuck buddy for such occasions. He was a friend of my partners. So I didn’t tell him.  But I never had multiple wet dreams.

What about you?

This post, originally published in June 2017, but has been edited and updated for Wicked Wednesday and MMMondays…


The Problems with Giving a Speech

I’ve had a chequered history regarding “giving a speech” for various reasons and have concluded that being able to speak in public confidently, is tied up with how well you understand the subject-matter.

This may sound logical. And of course it is, but I also think that how a person regards themselves at that moment in time comes into play.

Let me explain, using my own history of talking in public as an example.

Primary School

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I was gregarious. I would happily sing or talk in front of numerous amounts of people. However, by the time I was 7 years old I’d become extremely reserved around adults and other children. Often, kids seem to possess a natural confidence, but I believe events that happened to me around this age had a direct impact on how I started to view myself. I choose one special friend and basically pushed all other involvement aside for quite a few years. During this time, if I had to read out loud in class – and I was an excellent reader for my age – I felt so nervous that I’d stumble over the words in front of me. It must have been awkward for the teachers, as after a while I just was not asked to do this task any more.

Secondary School

I began secondary school and was separated from my special friend. Now it became clear that I would have to get my act together for survival purposes. I made a conscious effort to interact with other kids, and soon I was almost popular! And you know what, when I had to stand up and read out loud in class, I managed it. My self-esteem had been buttressed by being “liked” and this had a direct impact on my confidence.

Giving a Speech – Work Life

But reading in public is very different to making a speech about something in front of people. I realised at Uni that I could do this if I had a definite handle on the topic and spoke slowly. Many years later, when I was working in retail for a nutrition company, I often lead talks and discussions confidently as I knew my subject area better than most.

But what if I was put on the spot and asked to talk about something without prior knowledge or warning?

Well, that turned out to be a shambles!

I had just graduated and was on a weekend interview for an important fast track civil service job. The weekend was interesting in itself. Those chosen to attend had to stay for 3 nights in a place that must have been some kind of barracks. Then we were all subjected to various written tests. Psychometric and intelligence based. Plus several interviews with a panel of people and group discussions. All OK for me. Even the chatting in-front of a panel of 4 or 5 people about myself and my life – fine.

However, then came the finale! The whole group who were there for the tests – about 25 of us, and the panel, were all in an auditorium together. We were each given a topic and asked to get up on the stage and talk about it for three minutes.

My turn was near the end and as I watched all of them make such a success out of their few minutes of fame I started to worry. Then, I literally got stage fright. I can’t remember what my topic was but let’s say it wasn’t particularly difficult. But I felt unprepared and vulnerable. It is a long time ago, but I don’t think I made it through the three mins. My brain became a haze of nothing!

The experience of what it felt like losing my mind for a few minutes stayed with me for some time. Those of you who know me would probably say I am quite self-possessed and socially aware. I do not suffer from anxiety in group situations at all. So what happened that afternoon, although I laugh about it now, must have been a phobia coming to life.

A week later, we got the results of the weekend through the post. I had done so well on all the other tests, I was still offered the job, but not on the fast track. It’s a funny old world…

Giving a Speech

Thoughts of 2021 and 2022

I am not really sure what will be in this post. It isn’t preprepared, written in word, and then copied over. It is just me writing my thoughts.


In my last post, I mentioned how I hadn’t felt comfortable writing exactly what I wanted to, on my blog. To a certain extent, I was censoring myself. I just didn’t need the hassle of do-gooders or virtue signallers getting on my case if I stepped out of line in terminology or opinion. So I wrote less. But that does not mean I wasn’t productive. I have been mega productive in 2021.

As well as a much-needed move of home due to health reasons I have:

I did take a break from my meme 4 thoughts and have not really taken many erotic images but, the grass has certainly not been growing under my feet…


Is here! So looking forward…

My Blog

I may share more of my Medium work on here. Some is dark erotica / transgressive, but I will make sure content warnings are in place.

I intend to get back to writing more on my blog too. However, I have a feeling much of it will be reflective, such as about life things that are affecting me. I have been enjoying sex things, but at the moment – the way my mindset is regarding the world – I have no inclination to write about it. Although erotic fiction will still play a part here, I am sure.

The last year was mentally tough for many reasons, and taking sexy images didn’t figure at all. And at this moment I have no desire to return to that area of creativity. But I suppose one should, never say never. I do have a few unseen photos taken in 2019/20 that I will probably share and would always rather use a picture of myself, or someone I know, to head a post than take one from a free image site.

4 Thoughts

My meme will be back very soon. I have a new idea that I think will work for many writers, but still stays in keeping with the reason f4tfriday was set up in the first place many years ago by Kilted Wookie – to get you thinking.

Life Matters, the ad-hoc resource meme I have run from Sex Matters, is set to return for a month. TBH I think at the moment my whole blog should be called Life Matters rather than Sex Matters. Although, getting both life and sex right can contribute to your happiness and mental well-being 🙂

NB: Recently, I have put several of my more explicit blog writing/images under a password for personal reasons. If you want to view them, you can buy be a coffee, (it takes time to keep creative endeavours going and although money can’t buy time, it helps to fund caffeine!) With coffee in hand I will email you the password.

Many thanks to all of you who have kept reading my work over these past difficult years…

2021 2022