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True Life ~ Here you can find all that is true about May More. Real life kinky experiences plus serious thoughts and musings.

ivy and may more wearing be seen in green true life

Holiday Sex Bedroom Blooper

This true tale happened about four or five summers ago. Memories from those years are bathed in a wonderful dreamy, glow. Still very vivid, yet they now have a far-away feel to them. I am so glad my man and I explored many different places and ideas back then. It was a fine time to be in love and enjoying all that life had to offer.

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Sexual Intercourse ~ Having Sex or a Technicality?

Virginity is a strange concept. What actually is it? If a definition had to be assigned to the word “virgin” in the context of sex it would be  someone who has never had sexual intercourse. Yet virgin is also meant to mean, innocent or naive.

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