The Classic White Shirt

The Classic White Shirt

I do love a crisp, classic white shirt on a man or woman. They always look smart, yet casual and sexy too…

And a breast or two spilling out? Why not I say!

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Passion Honey Sponsors Sex Matters

These images are from a favourite session of mine where this shot was also taken. I thought I would use them to promote my new sponsors – Passion Honey.

When they approached me I was eager to collaborate as they are based in the UK and a husband and wife team. It is always nice to work with small businesses.

Andy introduced his adult product company to me…

Passion Honey came about by chance more than any specific aim to get into the industry.  By day I am a web designer and during the course of my work I have built a couple of adult related websites for clients.  Whilst doing some research on competitors we found that we really didn’t like the look of many of the sex toy websites that we found: they were often messy looking and not very visually appealling.  It was at this time that my partner Kelly and I were chatting and she suggested that I build one for us to run ourselves.  I didn’t really think about it too much at the time. But then during a quiet period I started wondering if this was something that we could do succesfully.  

After looking into the sorts of products that we could stock etc and the ins and outs of fulfilling orders etc we decided that we could actually do this.  Once we had made the decision to get going the website came together pretty quickly.  We decided that it should ideally be nice and straight forward with a very wide selection of products for people to choose from.  The website now has over 4100 products available so there is something for everyone!


Passion Honey certainly has a wide range of products. I really like the look of some of the edible items! Nipples and such like. Check them out here.

For orders of £30 or more there is a here is a 10% of discount code available until the 20th December – sexmatters20. Click the badge below…

passion honey classic white shirt

And don’t forget to go through to the mono site to ogle at all the sexy images

seamed stockings
Classic White Shirt

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    1. thank you Jenna – i remember u said that u have small nipples – me too – i always wanted them bigger – but we have what we have lol

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