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How to Clean & Maintain Your Sex Doll ~ Guest Post

Purchasing a sex doll is an exciting yet incredibly expensive investment. Sure, you can buy one for $1,500, but if you want to shop for luxurious sex dolls don’t be surprised when you see the price exceeding $20,000.

Taking Proper Care of your Sex Doll

And no, it’s not a joke. Keep in mind that today’s dolls have nothing in common with the inflatable monstrosities you see in the comedies from the 90s. Top-quality sex dolls are so realistic that some photographers use them as models.

With such an investment, it’s understandable that you need to know how to take proper care of your sex doll. Correct maintenance is crucial to make sure your doll stays in the right condition allowing you to get the most out of it.

And how often should you clean your sex doll, what you’re going to need, and most importantly, how to do it correctly? You’ll find all the answers in the guide below.

How Often?

Regular cleaning is vital to keep your sex doll fresh and ready. It will not only extend its lifespan but also enhance your sensations when using it. When it comes to doll’s maintenance, it’s best to create a specific routine.

Clean your Sex Doll

First of all, you should clean its holes every time before and after use. It’s crucial for hygienic reasons.

Secondly, you should know that excessive cleaning may cause damage to your sex doll. To prevent that from happening, we recommend you clean it thoroughly every 2 or 3 weeks. Doing that will ensure you won’t negatively affect the doll’s skin.

Also, it’s essential to clean it before the first use to remove all the factory residue.

What do You Need?

It sounds easy, but cleaning your sex doll is much more complicated than you think  if you want to do it correctly. Therefore, you need the right equipment. You can’t simply use your bare hands.

Here’s a suggested list of what you should use:

  • Antibacterial soap

  • Comb

  • Vaginal irrigator

  • Sponge or soft cloth

  • Baby powder

  • Mineral oil

  • Vaseline

Like a comb or vaginal irrigator, some of the things should come in the package with the doll. Most of them, however, you’re going to buy yourself.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

Now that you know how often and with what you ought to clean your sex doll, let’s get to the article’s main point. Below you’ll find steps you need to follow to ensure your doll stays clean and soft.


If you’ve always dreamt of having a romantic bath with another person, doing that with your sex doll should be enough of a substitute. But bathing with your doll doesn’t only serve pure pleasure. It’s also vital for retaining its tenderness. Here’s how to do it.

Use antibacterial soap and a sponge or cloth to wash your doll gently. You need to be extremely careful when cleaning the head. Try not to spray water on its neck or head. The best idea is to remove the doll’s head and then wash it with a cloth.

Also, keep in mind that most dolls don’t necessarily like hot temperatures. Use medium water to ensure nothing wrong happens to its material.

Hole Cleaning

Every doll has three holes (obviously): vagina, mouth, anus; cleaning them after usage is vital for your hygienic safety. Also, too much dirt and bacteria can decrease the doll’s functionality, negatively affecting the sensations.

If your doll’s orifices are detachable, you can flush them after every intercourse using water, sponge, and vaginal irrigator. Clean every hole thoroughly with antibacterial soap, and let it for a while to dry out.

After such treatment, you’re ready to go again.

Drying Your Sex Doll

Now that your sex doll is nice and wet, it’s time to dry it out. Keep in mind that if the skin stays wet for too long, it may negatively impact your doll’s material. That’s why you need to act quickly.

As soon as you take your doll out of the water, use a towel, and carefully wipe it. After you finish, it’s best to leave the doll for an hour or more to ensure that all the moisture is gone. After that, you can use powder to give your doll a natural fragrance and soft touch.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, cleaning your sex doll is much more complicated than you may think. It requires time, caution, and patience. As mentioned at the beginning, creating a schedule should help you.

Keep in mind that regular cleaning is crucial for keeping your doll well, clean, and increasing its lifespan. What’s more, washing the doll will make her feel more natural and enhance the overall quality of experience.

But is it worth putting so much heart into keeping your doll in the best condition? The answer is relatively straightforward. Absolutely yes. Don’t forget that buying one is a significant investment, and you probably don’t want it to break after a few rides.

This post – How to Clean & Maintain Your Sex Doll – was written and sponsored by Silicon Wives ~ Luxury Sex Dolls


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  1. This was really interesting and I had not thought about it before. Is it wrong that I read it and thought about our role play? No need to spend a lot when HL has me lol. Missy x

  2. I’ve always been generally curious about sex dolls. It’s the peripheral parts of owning one that put me off though: the cleaning, the storage, the maintenance. Where does one put it during dinner parties? Holding out for lifelike robot sex dolls for the time being.

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