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No matter if you are a firm believer in the tarot or not I think most people have a natural curious fascination.

And why wouldn’t you? For starters they are ancient. Probably first used why back in the 14th Century. They appear to be a problem solving tool rather than a predictor of the future.

I have been using them since I was in my 20’s. My mum bought me a pack, which I still use today. The rider Tarot. A very popular deck that was first designed over a hundred years ago.

Before I received the gift of my tarot I used to do readings with ordinary playing cards. They were obviously harder to interpret but I had fun trying.

Mostly I get good feedback regarding a reading. I am descended from original Romany gypsies. Maybe that helps. I really don’t know. What I do know is if the person I am reading is over skeptical the cards are harder to decipher. It is important to have an open mind.

The Cards

Examples of Major Arena Cards

A pack of tarot cards is made up of 22 major arena cards which depict long term direction and show the bigger picture. Plus 56 minor arena cards focusing on everyday decisions. Together they offer a lot of scope and advice.

Examples of Minor Arena Cards

In my experience it doesn’t seem to matter if a person is on the phone, online, or in the same room as you – the power of the tarot still appears to work.

I recently tweeted that I was doing  a few readings for free and received a lot of interest. The comments after were very encouraging.

It is spot on. Thank you.

Thank you May. That does actually make some sense!

Thanks May. Very helpful.

Feels very true.

Gosh, really insightful.

Would you like a reading?

Three Card Reading

If you would like a thee card personal reading then simply buy me a coffee and leave a note as to where I can contact you. The message on the coffee site can be private, but if you would prefer to email  and or pay via  paypal then that is fine too – cmore@europe.com. Or DM me on Twitter

It is as easy as that.

PS. If you are really short of cash – I know what that is like – then you never know I may do you one for free – drop me a line…

10 thoughts on “Coffee & Tarot ~ Three Card Readings”

  1. Hi May, i have never had a reading and would love one. After my visit and when things settle down back home i shall send you some Cash in paypal and we will figure the rest out. My daughter is due on the 1oth and i’m visiting a Friend and Mistress now. Love your post and pics

  2. What is not to love about this. I have regular readings and find them a wonderful way of helping me reflect on the recent past and broaden my thinking for near future things.

    I was given my dad’s pack when he died but I have yet to learn. But I’m told my Romany blood and all iundnintuition will help if I’m ever brave enough to try. X

      1. I think one card in the morning is the way I will start. Eventually. I’ve only had them 22 years!
        I hadn’t thought of that. There is definitely something in the theory around six degrees of separation ?

  3. Ever since I read this the first time, I am thinking of buying you that coffee to get a reading. Now only to have the guts to actually do it. Great idea, May! xox

  4. This is super neat. I have two sets but need the guide to help me read them.
    I find that they’re more accurate than one would think, but you’re right about it being a problem solver more than future predictor.
    One day I may ask you to read mine. I’m curious to see what someone else sees 🙂

    1. There are some cards that baffle me but i am an instinctive reader and know my cards really well, but a card i picked out for u may have a slightly different meaning to the same card picked for someone else. It depends on what I feel and the other cards in the surround. But u probably know that x

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