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Please contact me to discuss a price for your post – here’s what I do…

Guest Post ~ I write for you

I am happy to write fiction or non-fiction posts for your site which you will retain the rights to for a negotiated length of time. Posts are promoted via my Twitter.

A few examples of my paid writing:

Fiction ~
  1. I have written many stories for Bellesa. Here is one of them.
  2. Another fictional tale, this one for Joanne of Sex Machines Reviews.
  3. I have also written both fiction and non-fiction for Frolic Me.
  4. You can find more examples of my erotica on Medium – My Erotica.
Non-Fiction ~
  1. Here is a non-fiction opinion piece I wrote for SwingTowns Blog.
  2. A discussion regarding guilt free sex for Hot Octopuss.
  3. An article about Genetic Sexual Attraction for Girl on The Net.
  4. A sexy true tale for Cara Sutra.

Sponsored Posts

  • If it fits with my blog you can write and send me your own content which contains a link back to your company. Here is an example written by a Sex toy company, published on my site.

  • Or you can collaborate with me and I will write the post for you, linking back to your site.  Examples: I wrote this sponsored story for a client and this non-fiction sponsored article for another customer. Both published on my site.

Promoted via Twitter and featured on the front page of my blog for at least a month.

Personal Story

I can write you a very personal erotic fictional story? Unique to you and for your eyes only. Or perhaps as a gift for you to give to a loved one.


Reviews ~ Sex Toy, Lingerie or Bondage Gear

I love dressing up sexily for my man and having raunchy date nights. During such settings, we are more than happy to include your product. Photos will be taken and our impression of the item given within an extremely hot non-fiction post. I don’t think formal reviews work on my site. I write and want to paint pictures for my readers with words.

You give me the clothing or toy and in return I can guarantee to feature it in kinky date night fun, linking back to your site.

For a sex-toy review I also charge a small fee to publish the article.

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Header banners – They will link to your site. You provide the artwork and the link. Email for prices.

Contact Me to Collaborate

If you would like to collaborate then please get in touch and we can chat about your needs!

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