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Come Outside

My man and I work together and a lot of our job is carried out in the wonderful outdoors. It probably won’t be a surprise to you when I say we love being outside and when outside, we love – if you get my drift.

During the spring and summer, when the evenings are light, if we see an opportunity for some interesting photos then we take it. Sometimes we incorporate the session with a date night. It always works well because I may dress a little sexily for the shots anyhow.

However, even when we haven’t planned sexual activity it is often the case it will just happen, My man may simply get so turned on by the scene before his eyes that he has to have it! That was the scenario when these shots were taken.

When he got to the point, where he was looking down on me… Well read on ~

Getting Harder

“Fuck, your mouth looks so ripe.”

“The red lipstick, your favourite.”  I almost sing back at him, happy to please.

I do feel a little vulnerable as even though we have been chatting while he took the shots I can’t see or move and I know how quickly a situation like this can change from light hearted banter to serious fucking.

“Tilt your head to the right. Good girl. Don’t move.”

I hear the camera doing it’s clicking thing and then,

“Hold still you are just – at the right height.”

The Smell of his Cock

His fingers trace the outline of my lips and I wait for the tip of his cock to do the same – I can smell that familiar warm musty aroma, he must be unziping his fly.

He’s not going to disappoint me. His hand grabs the top of my hair to keep my head still as his cock meets my mouth. My eager tongue whips at his foreskin,

“Slowly bitch. Lick gently and slowly.”  His hand taps the side of my face to remind me he is in charge.

I do as he asks as the evening breeze grazes over my arms. I know he is watching me intently, it increases his enjoyment. My heart always beats faster in anticipation, not being able to see and thinking about what could happen next.

He pushes his cock in deeper. I open my mouth wide and take a much needed breath when he pulls his dick right out before thrusting in for a second time.

He’s face fucking me. He adores my mouth. Says my lips are made for sex. Sometimes he shoves a dildo in my cunt,  a buttplug up my arse, and his cock in my mouth – telling me I’m a dirty bitch who wants it in every hole.

I can’t move with my arms tied to the gate.

Or see – the scarf is secured tightly around my eyes .

Come Outside

Then, the velocity quickens as the force of his movements get stronger and just to make extra sure I’m his toy he holds my head in place while he uses my mouth like a cunt.

He stops and rubs the knob over my cheek. I can’t use my hands so I think he must be fisting his dick as he suddenly grunts and my mouth and cheeks feel the warm spray of his cum. All the sexier for being in the open air.

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40 thoughts on “Come Outside”

  1. Amazing story, amazing pictures You look sooo hot on these pictures. I’m not suprised your man took the oppotiunity. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! Well, I think everyone said it already. I’ll just chime in to agree that this is soooo insanely sexy. ?

  3. Your man said what I was thinking. Very hot photos too, well done.
    And I have a pair of shoes like him. I swear, in a parallel universe we would have met and you would have said “nice shoes!” and then it would be all on!

  4. You look so beautiful… and HOT in these photos! Your hair is sexy, the dress is gorgeous, the position of your body, wonderfully long legs, and that color of lipstick is absolutely perfect. No wonder your man could’t help himself!

  5. Ungh… this is fucking hot (and inspirational). The idea of being tied up and fucked outdoors ticks all of my boxes!!! Also, you look *amazing*.

  6. Another hot and steamy episode form your ‘Life in the Country’ series May. I adore it, but I can’t quite see it on the front cover of Country Life. More’s the pity! 🙂 xx

  7. Great seductive images all by themselves, but twinned with your account of events, wow! I love the power dynamic between you two, your enthusiasm (well, his too!) and the anticipation. Stellar post May – I’m sure many visitors will be enjoying it more than once!

  8. Love the combination of text and pictures – damn sexy. I realise that my predilection for solo moorland walks may have been a mistake all these years!

    1. Tiggs – how wonderful to have you here – wait let me get u a G&T 😉 – Glad u like the post – it was fun doing the stuff that created it x

  9. Some very sexy photos there ?. Love seeing outdoor shots, especially hearing about what was going on too.

    Also tell your man nice shoes.

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