comfy Undies

Being Creative in my Comfy Undies

I first published this shot in 2019 on a subdomain of mine that was corrupted by a security scam so I lost the original post.

Funny thing happened last month too. My host received a complaint about my content and without a word to me they immediately closed my site. Luckily my friends helped me find a new host ASAP. It is a haphazardness world out there. And why would any one complain when I post images like this?

When my man and I did this shoot we could not believe how lucky we were to have the lamp there as a prop.

This has been posted for monochromerotic and also for Indulgent Desires on Twitter. Today is their Comfy Undies Sunday. A few of my friends joined in last week so I thought I’d support the fun today and join in with a creative, fun May More shot!

Comfy Undies

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13 thoughts on “Being Creative in my Comfy Undies”

  1. This May is one of the strengths of your blog – your great sense of fun! Wonderful image and ideal for both prompts.

    Another quality of yours which I admire is your determination to keep moving forward, despite hurdles and bumps in the road. As a fan, I appreciate your honesty and commitment.

    1. Thank you Posy – You are one of my closest online chums and I appreciate you and all you do to bring bloggers closer together

  2. Very creative image May and I think it works really well in monochrome. I’m sorry to hear that you had problems with your host, glad it’s sorted now though!

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