Comments, Trolls and Trump

Comments, Trolls and Trump

I have been thinking of something to write for Mx Nillin’s September meme project for a few weeks. Now that I host my own meme – Food 4 Thought – along with the lovely Floss, I have cheered all of you who have linked up. It has been wonderful to receive so much support. So naturally, knowing what it feels like to tentatively wait, hoping writers will join in, I wanted to support Mx Nillin with  their month long meme – but I was running out of time and unsure what to write.

The topic is about how we would like people to engage with us on our blogs and social media? What ways would we prefer people to show their appreciation for our work and comment and interact with us?


I am not easily offended and an advocate of free speech so it appeared I didn’t really have much to say for this meme. Indeed, when I first thought about this it just made me realise I am so bloody lucky. My blog appears to be popular, with supporters, subscribers and followers. I love it when you press the like button and even more when I read your comments telling me how a particular article or story of mine made you feel. Occasionally I get a coffee bought for me and a fabulous message thanking me for making their day in some way.

All this reaffirms why I do what I do. Sometimes it seems my blogging world is a corner of heaven. All is right. I get the odd spam mail which has never been too extreme. I have received comments that disagree with what I am saying but I am happy to publish and reply. Always ready for honest and informed discussion. So it seemed in my little bubbly blogging sphere everyone was doing just as they should as far as I was concerned.

So there was I, last week,  hoping something would happen to shine a light on the theme for me. Cue the header image and cue Samuel!

I was scrolling through some comments held in moderation when I saw this one from a chap calling theirself Samuel.


What a sick pervert you are. Wanting to fuck your brother. When you have kids{God forbid} are you going to encourage your son to fuck his sister? Why stop there. Let your husband or boyfriend fuck his daughter. It is people like you that have polluted and corrupted our once great society. Thank heavens we elected Trump. You sex perverts will be the next round up by ICE

It didn’t even go in to spam. What a timely comment and I really should thank the sender – Samuel – as by reading his ill informed remark I suddenly realised I may not have much to say about how I would like people to engage with me and my blog, but I sure do know how I don’t like them to interact with me. This is a prime example. Let me tackle it bit by bit. Give it the airplay it deserves for providing me with writing fodder.

What a sick pervert you are. Wanting to fuck your brother.

Why this guy came to my blog I don’t know. If he had bothered to read anything else he would have realised that I wasn’t bought up with my half-brother so had not experienced reverse sexual imprinting. We met as adults. Physical attraction is an involuntary reaction and just because you may want to do something does not mean you are going to go ahead. I know the difference between right and wrong so walked away from the situation. Just as I would have preferred Samuel to close the tab and not leave his slur on my blog time line.

When you have kids{God forbid} are you going to encourage your son to fuck his sister? Why stop there. Let your husband or boyfriend fuck his daughter.

Being a blogger means that comments make my day. But if you are going to reply to a post for the first time on my blog make sure you know a little about me please. Perhaps check out some of the pages in my menu or scroll though my archives. You will quickly learn that I have two grown up children. Not only that you would be informed. My blog is an extremely personal space so I do like my readers to spend time getting to know me a little.

I have aired many skeletons one being that I have suffered sexual abuse as a minor at the hands of my Dad(adopted). Indeed I have only recently written in more detail about it. So if you had wanted to research your accusations then you would have seen on my blog line that for most of their lives I tried to protect my kids from pedophiles. In fact at one point in my life it was an obsession. Those who have been abused and have their own children will understand this.

It is people like you that have polluted and corrupted our once great society.

Of course this is untrue. In my eyes it is my fathers generation who polluted my world. But that is simply because my personal experience has clouded my view. However we do know incest has been rife since the dawn of time. It is simply that now victims of this kind of abuse choose to speak out about it.


Thank heavens we elected Trump. You sex perverts will be the next round up by ICE*

Em, duh. Get your facts straight before you interact with me on my blog – I am British. And I don’t have much to say about your nation electing Trump – except to ask the question – has your President never engaged in any lewd sexual activity?

So thanks to Samuel I understand that I really prefer it when my readers spend time to learn about who I am. Where I come from. That kind of thing. Because my experiences have made me – May More – the person I am as a blogger and I love to share it all with you. So, if you want to chat and are unsure regarding a detail or can’t find a post you are looking for then please just ask. Speak to me on Twitter –   email me or use my contact form. I love it when you talk to me and I adore positive engagement. I am sparked and energised from it. What can be better than me and the reader having a good experience?  Let’s try and steer clear of negativity. That is the kind of interaction which drains me.

*Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Fun from sharing

As a side, I really enjoyed engaging with some jolly good people on Twitter about Samuel’s comment.


Click on the tweet to read the thread 😉

I love to receive comments

17 thoughts on “Comments, Trolls and Trump

  1. Trolls, what’re you gonna do?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Honestly though, look upon them as the exception that proves you’re doing a good job getting your points across and connecting with people.

    There’s a lot of short-sighted people out there that the internet has given a megaphone to, but they have no business being heard to begin with. Just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you should speak, but this is a lesson that many do not heed, especially in this internet era.

  2. Trolls are so short-sighted it’s terrifying. I have no idea what world they live in and why on earth they think we’d allow their comments to sit alongside all our wonderful supporters is beyond me. I’ve been called every name under the sun by trolls and tbh they usually provide good entertainment for myself and Bakji, oh we laugh at their ignorance and idiocy. When it upsets me though is when I see how it affects other bloggers, when the troll attacks are deeply personal and rock someone’s confidence, it’s then that it stops being funny and starts to make me rage! x

    1. Yes I agree it is not nice when people are upset by these idiots – I am quite thick skinned when the person is not anyone I care about or have infested time on x

      1. Exactly the right attitude. Thank goodness they won’t stop your good work blogging & great content.

  3. I have 9 words… ‘Fuck Samuel and the horse he rode in on.’ Actually, as I think of it, that would be cruelty to animals and I know what a horse lover you are, May. And since I do not want to get a Wellie in my ass, I will shorten my comment to 2 words.

  4. Like you I have been lucky re negative comments but do get these ridiculous ones sometimes. I also see them as pathetic because the real comments outweigh them by so many. I see if as spam although I don’t mean to belittle those who really are the target of trolls. Great post 🙂

  5. Good grief.

    I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to assholery. Not only for/about me when it comes to what I write, but also because I want my blog to be a safe space for people who come to visit — if reading a post makes them feel good, but then they get to the comments and see/experience bullying, that’s just not okay. So on the very rare occasions I’ve gotten those kinds of comments, I’ve deleted them.

    I’m glad you haven’t had much in the way of negative comments. The one you’ve written about here is nor only entertaining but also obviously Quite Speshul, having been left by species: troll, genus: idiota ridiculosi. 😉

  6. Sheesh, if I was going to be a troll at least I would get my facts straight. I’m so disappointed in Samuel’s poor attempt to demean you and your blog. ?? (Not that we like trolls but this was a perfect blast back)

  7. Just commented on Floss’ great post from yesterday saying how good it has been to feel welcome in this corner of the web – then I saw your post and want to thank you too – and say I think this is a great post – just a shame you needed to write it!

      1. But where did the Trump aggression come from? If you were half the degenerate he thinks you are then he should have pegged for a Trump supporter, not the other way around!

  8. Nice to know there’s someone else out there besides Wayne. Negative comments can dent the confidence. The good thing about this one is that it’s so wrong and ludicrous on all levels such that it’s a source of much merriment.

    In publishing a blog we always run the risk of attracting this type of thing. To paraphrase and old cliche – Those that can write. Those that can’t, troll. ?

    1. Very good Melody. As you know I wasn’t offended it just helped me to see that I do enjoy it when my readers know who are am at least a little bit x

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