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My last Smut Marathon entry was all about stranger sex. As the characters did not use a condom it could also be classed as danger sex. In the feedback to my story, Aurora mentioned that she wished I had included one. This got me thinking and I asked the question on Twitter –

I have a question for my fellow fiction bloggers. @AuroraGloryBlog liked my #smutmarathon stranger-sex entry but wished I had included a condom. When I wrote it I thought about that but felt it would distract from the urgency and general erotic vibe of the story…

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The debate continued on about four different threads. From reading all the answers I conclude that we were by no means all in agreement. That’s how it should be – different people, different opinions.

A few people actually felt that it was an obligation for us to include condoms so as to set a good example and educate in our writing. And others preferred to read about its use because for them without a condom the story did not ring true.

Many explained that it is fiction – make believe – and just as we may not inform the reader that a character is putting on a seatbelt the same may apply to a condom. Others concluded that it may detract from the hotness of the tale. Or of course, lets remember we do love to include a spray of semen to add to the smuttiness.

The majority view appeared to be that if it fitted with the character in the story, and fitted with the plot then one could be included – but a writer should not go out of their way and change the plot to write in  a condom.

The last option is where I stand on the issue. As fiction writers I certainly do not think we are under any obligation to educate our reader. We are there to entertain and they will like our work, or not.

I have to admit that none of my characters has put a hat on. Perhaps this is because I do not use them in my real life sex activities.

I did notice a slight age difference of opinion. With the younger bloggers very much wanting to write them into the story.

So this sharing post is all about you guys who have included a condom – for whatever reason – and have still written a hot and sticky story.

Starting off with some bloggers who have written about the place condoms hold in erotic fiction.

Some true tales


Here are some deliciously sexy stories where a condom gets to play a part.

Please have a read of them all and feel free to add a link to your own or someones else’s condom story or article in the comments.

Condom or Not


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9 thoughts on “Condom or Not in Erotic Fiction ~ SoSS”

  1. Thanks for the mention May. It is definitely an interesting subject that can divide opinion a bit but I of the view that there is no right or wrong. Include them if they fit and work in your story or don’t. Write the story you want to write!


  2. Great to read the fruits of your research May. When I started writing erotica I noticed that some people did mention condom use and others didn’t, which did bemuse me a bit. Thanks to your report I am much more wiser. CP xx

  3. I dont use them either, but I probably would if I had many partners. And then I’d probably write that into my fiction.

  4. I write them depending on the scene. Sometimes it fits others it’d detract from the flow. I agree that we’re entertainment and not educators, but there’s nothing wrong with inviting and having the discussion I think

    1. Thanks for your comment – just checked out your site, do you not write currently? last post on there is 2016 😉

  5. I’m of the party that thinks that this is fiction. It is written for the fun of the writer and if you want a condom, write it that way; if not, then don’t. I for one don’t use them but I’ve always been in a committed relationship before sex…and I’m sterile (Klinefelter’s). I’m not worried about pregnancy, and my partner and I have traded medical documents. Bareback is all I’ve ever had and it’s amazing…especially when it oozes out and we get to play some more (use your wicked imaginations).

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