The Very Core of May More

The Very Core of May More

There are loads of people out there who call themselves authors or writers. I suppose I fall under both categories. I am now published and I write – but my passion is blogging.

In the beginning

As a primary school kid I would spend hours making my own newspaper. I liked the idea of different columns each containing a separate topic. At nine years old I won a children’s poetry competition run by Papermate. Here is the first verse.

Autumn has come
Crisp golden leaves fall of trees
Spiders webs are covered with tiny shimmering beads of dew
The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the air fresher.
It feels as if the world was made yesterday.

I can’t remember the rest but I do recall that the prize was a wonderful pen. Which I managed to keep for many years.

Initially, at secondary school I enjoyed English, particularly creative writing.  I received 11 out of 10 for a story I wrote about a girl who transfigured into a fox only to be chased by a hunt.

I loved story writing.


Then everything changed. Stringing words together to create a picture ceased to be fun because I now had to be careful with spelling. Up until then bad spelling was not marked down but of course things like that do matter and I was extremely weak in that area. I began to substitute words I wanted to use with words I could confidently spell. My marks plummeted.

Suddenly I hated writing.

I also used the incorrect phrase or word in a sentence. Similar to spoonerisms and malapropisms. This happens when I speak and write. So it soon became clear, even though my IQ was measured in the top 5%,  that I suffered with some kind of problem. I had dyslexia (not diagnosed until much later) – of course only inflicted with some of the varied traits and thus the answer to this question…
“May , what do you want to do when you grow up?”
Changed from writer/journalist eventually into librarian.

Everyone told me working in a library would be boring but writing had been such a big part of who I was, even at a young age. It was like my core, my backbone. Writing completed me, so in my mind I thought I had to be around words or books in some way.

But I grew up. And what did I become? A computer analyst programmer. Funny old world.


When I was twelve I’d stopped writing stories and did not return to fiction until the end of 2018!  At that time I signed up for the smut marathon and to my delight made it to the final. Of course nowadays I have a spell checker to keep me company. I may have given up writing seriously while at school but what I did continue to do for many years was keep a diary. I have tried to put some up on a blog but this is still work in progress.

Writing Inspiration

Lexy – who I have a little bit of a girlie crush on – reads my blog and once asked me where I got my story inspiration from. The question stayed with me and became the reason behind the post – Bars Inspiration, behind the scenes.

Most days I am lucky to get the opportunity to walk  in fields or woodlands and many of the things that inspire my ideas spark into life during these walks. For example, before I wrote Catch the Catcher I had been reading the novel Catcher in the Rye and was pondering over the plot whilst walking among the trees. The lad in the story needed some guidance and thus my own tale was born.

Sinnersa short series I returned to in collaboration with Cousin Pons – first came to life when I fondly reminisced about  the retreats to the local priory with my Catholic youth club. On one occasion my best friend became enamoured with a trainee priest. Nothing went on in reality but I turned that around in my very smutty tale.

A story I wrote for the smut marathon also won a small writing competition. It is about stranger sex and was based on an old friend’s experience from many years ago.

I have fictionalised some real life sagas because sometimes I find it is easier to put across the sentiment by doing this. Particularly if I am included in the plot. With these stories it is clear where the ideas transpired.

Blogger first

I am a sex blogger but not really an erotic writer. Catch the Catcher doesn’t even have any sex whatsoever in the story-line and many of my tales have very few sexy scenes. You’ll find more of that  in my true life posts.

Generally, I think my style of writing is an acquired taste or a Marmite type thing – you either like it or hate it.  My feeling is that a few of the “erotic writers” in our community don’t get my style. But that is fine. It would not do for us all to like the same things.

And my blog is my space and I will write what and how I like – here.

People who inspire me

But one of the reasons I may not appeal to some is because I like to write in many voices. It is important to know your strengths and that is actually one of mine. Dialogue, strong characterisation and humour. Sixty nine steps is an example of this. And Catcher has a very strong individual voice too.

Of course I am inspired by those I read within the community. Cara always has very strong characters, often in a vivid yet dark setting and Cousin Pons understands how to incorporate humour and still create a sensual plot. Neither overwrite to achieve the end result.  I know I learn from these guys each time I read their work.

With regards to non-fiction my date-night stories get widely read. This is probably because they are true and I think that factor comes across. Inspiration wise, in my opinion Eye continues to set the bench mark with thoughts and musings about her life.

The inspiration when writing my more opinionated blog posts comes from life, concerns and the world as it trespasses into my atmosphere. The main bloggers that inspire me in this area are Floss for her honesty, Molly for maintaining excellent and varied content for such a long time and Mrs Fever for her pure creativity.

Core ~ It’s May More!

In a nut shell my blog allows me to be May More. And she is at the core of who I am.

The Core of May More
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36 thoughts on “The Very Core of May More

  1. Ahh yes I love your final line…. My blog allows me to be Molly and I love that


    Oh and thank you for the mention I a honoured to be of some inspiration to you

  2. May, What a wonderful post! You know I was here yesterday but I wanted to come back when I had more time to read carefully and share a few thoughts 🙂

    You write: “I have fictionalised some real life sagas because sometimes I find it is easier to put across the sentiment by doing this” … … this is something I think about doing for a few reasons, and probably will eventually. YOU will be a big part of my inspiration.

    Your post reminded me a bit of Molly’s in a good way, I like how you both wrote a bit about your origins with writing, and the ways its changed over life. I wonder if part of your knack for writing comes from being a reader? I like the idea of you walking and thinking of books and writing.

    You linked to Cara’s tag “playing god” and well wow, how intriguing is that! I am bookmarking this for when I have a little time to dive in.

    And Thank You – totally reciprocated ?!

  3. You have become one of my absolute favorite bloggers. I didn’t get to read much of your blog until recently. I am so glad I have been able to. Just hate I can’t always comment.
    You are such a wonderful person and like so many have said already, such a great support of others. I’m so glad you found your love for writing again and are able to enjoy!! <3 xx

  4. I really like this post. ? and I love the way you capture voices and write dialogue. It feels like the character is really talking to you. Sinners is FABULOUS, btw!! Well done you and Pons!!

  5. With respect and honesty, my mind is such I can’t tell lies, -This is the first piece of your ” writing/blogging” I’ve read from start to finish (you already know the reasons behind the ‘why’ )

    I’m glad I chose this one

    Here’s to finding more of your own words, in any format ?

    Swirly ?

    1. The Lyme one? I know you thought that informative – but it is linked on the SB4MH blog, so perhaps u read it there. And I am always happy to advice if I think a post will work for u 😉 Melody can check it first lol

          1. I love this post. How dyslexia changed your writing, but you found inspiration in in others and didn’t stop. I have a good friend who struggled with dyslexia for years. She, too, turned to computers, but never regained her love of creative writing. I’m glad you didn’t.

  6. In every round I voted in last years Smut Marathon I somehow picked yours. So yes, you can write and make a story very engaging and accessible.

    Lovely to see how different people have arrived at writing a blog, often coming back to an earlier love of writing.

    On top of it all you’re very generous in support and help for other bloggers – thank you x

    1. It is an odd thing when u keep choosing the same person in the SM – I have done that with CP this year. I have chosen him all but once time so far and Marsha about 3 or 4 – We know what we like and it draws us in x

      1. I have a similar love affair with Drew and Exhibit A. We do definitely know what we like and are drawn to certain ways of writing. I really loved your Catcher story.

  7. Well I personally am a big May More fan, not only is you writing honest and captivating but you are generous with your support, encouragement and knowledge.I thin this is a fabulous post, not only because it celebrates what is at the core of you, but also for celebrating some of the wonderful bloggers that you’ve discovered and been inspired by along the way, which is was very sweet of you to include me in x

    1. Floss I love working with you – and I think you I one of the most genuine, if not the most genuine person I have come across in the bloggin community x

  8. One of my grad thesis advisors, also at the top of the class and highly gifted, had struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia for years, which also shifted his career toward STEM. The description “gifted learning disabled” did not become a thing until 1990s. Great to hear that you did not give up and are reclaiming who you are and who you always wanted to be!

  9. You do have a way with words May! I’ve loved many stories and posts you’ve written, especially Bars ?. I can’t say that I’ve ever had Marmite, silly American here, but I’ve heard many stories of it. I do know I will continue to read whatever you choose to share.

    1. Thank you J.Lynn – I am so pleased u like my tales – there are some others in the past I may promote and if I do will link u just in case it tickles your fancy 😉 x

  10. I love this blogging community, more more I read, the more blogs I follow, I discover that I am not as uniquely strange as I thought. There is so much of your story that parallels mine. Thank you May, you have inspired me today.

  11. I’m so glad you returned to writing fiction May. I love reading your brilliant stories. I enjoyed your youthful poem. It’s so good. Thank you of course what you said about my writing. Like you I came back to it after enjoying writing stories at school. xx

  12. You will always be a Writer to me, May. (and I am so proud that you are an author) ‘Catch the Catcher’ is one of my favorite May More stories and was fun to read again just now. I enjoyed this post and It feels as if the world was made yesterday… 9 years old, wow… I love it (and I am going to steal it for my writing blog).

    Since I am an American, I have no clue what Marmite is, but I have heard of it. I asked my Irish son-in-law if he liked it once and he said “Oh fuckin’ hell no!” So if your writing style is like Marmite… then I will love it.

  13. I’d just opened this post right when you tagged me. You flatter me, May. You have such a strong writing voice and I enjoy so many of your stories. The way your pieces have grown is amazing. You’re a force.

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