Corporal Punishment  ~ Flash Part 3

Corporal Punishment ~ Flash Part 3

This story begins here. Gen and her friends are playing truth and dare. Gen lied so her dare is to go and kiss the old man from across the street.

She knocked on Mr Roberts door and her opened it! Unbeknown to her friends he was her headmaster 13 years previous. Read that part here.

Corporal Punishment

Mr Roberts shut the door behind me saying, “My Grandson is staying for a while.”

I took a step back and put a hand on the door catch, ready to make a getaway. I was a little tipsy, dressed in only my underwear and a rather revealing coat, this was not the time to be meeting a child.

“Mr Roberts, it has been wonderful seeing you again but I am really not great with children. They make me nervous, with their mucky hands and unsolicited talk.”

“No, no. Don’t you worry about that Genevieve. There’s nothing mucky about my grandson except his unsolicited mind.” The old guy chuckled. “Come on through, I will make us all a G & T. The nice Tesco man delivered a litre bottle of Tanqueray the other day.”

Ah, G & T, the magic phrase. I pulled up the collar on my jacket in an attempt to conceal some of my bosom and followed Mr Roberts into the living room.

As we walked in a young man stood up with a look of surprise on his face.

“You see Jacob, I may be old but I can still pull a cracking bird. You two reacquaint and I’ll make the cocktails.”

My mind began to spin – reacquaint? I was missing something. Perhaps Jacob was a long lost one-night stand of mine. I’d had a few. Sometimes leaving before dawn and too inebriated to remember a face.

“You’ve not changed.” He looked me straight in the eyes.

“Eh, that’s what your Granddad said.” I stuck my hand out suddenly aware that Jacob was a dish! His crew cut promoted high cheekbones and a clear complexion.

“I remember at school you never seemed to follow the uniform rules. Always revealing more than was allowed.” He grinned, staring down at my cleavage.

Mr Roberts returned with the drinks.

“Sit down. Sit down. Both of you. You may have recently come out of the Royal Marines Jacob but we don’t have to stand to attention in my house.” His faded blue eyes twinkled as he spoke. He was clearly thrilled to have company.

I was still none the wiser about Jacob. Not for the life of me could I remember that name in my year group. Also he looked quite a bit younger than me. I would have to ask.

“So… Jacob… You were at Blendon Hill High too?”

“Yes. But my first year, was your last.”

Putting my math skills to good use again I calculated he was about twenty five. That would be why he remembered me. The younger lads were always hanging around or trying to look up our uniform skirts.

corporal punishment skirt

Mr Roberts stated proudly, “Jacob went straight into the Marines when he left school. Got himself a trade and made Corporal too.”

Jacob lowered his eyes, perhaps a little embarrassed by his Granddad’s doting. Smiling he said, “I’ve served my term and am staying with granddad until I can find a flat.”

What an evening this was turning out to be. My naughty girl mind was racing

It finally arrived at the finishing line, concluding that if I spent time around Jacob I may need to be on the receiving end of a little corporal punishment.

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  1. Now this is an interesting twist. I thought she and the headmaster would hook up, but now I wonder if it will be her and Jacob. You do know how to twist a tale, May!
    ~ Marie xox

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