Cougar ~ Suggestive Flash Fiction

I do miss the Friday Flash meme. Here is a short – 333 word – suggestive story for the Wicked Wednesday prompt of Cougar.

When a Cougar looked my way

Recently I have heard jokes about older women collecting young lovers. A cougar. What a wonderful thing. To be seduced and shown the ropes by a glamorous woman who has already studied the art of sex. And I should know. Such a thing happened to me before the phrase had been invented.

About fifty years ago I’d landed my dream job on one of the main rags published in Fleet Street. After work, when the copy for the following day had been finalised, we’d frequent a little bar under Blackfriers Bridge – The Third Rail. I had only been with the paper a month or so when she caught my eye.

I was in a booth with the guys. Legs astride, one foot up on the seat in front. Even though I had only recently left my teens behind I was a confident dude. The occasional roar of music from the juke box added atmosphere.  I glanced over at the counter. Perched on a bar stool she was holding a flute in one hand, sipping the pink bubbles while surveying her surround. Ready to pounce.

An expensive reddish-tan fur coat was loosely draped over her shoulders revealing a close-fitting cream dress that hugged her bosom to perfection. When she turned her face to meet mine I guessed she was at least double my age, prime and vital.

Then, her amber eyes rested on me, burning through my chest, warming my heart as the sound of its beat echoed in my ears. Swallowing the saliva that had collected on my tongue I watched as she walked over. My colleagues hushed as her gaze rested on my crotch before returning to my face.

She stretched  out long slender fingers and purred,

“my name’s Kitty, charmed I’m sure.”

Without hesitation I took her hand. She lead me to the dance floor, pushed her taut body against mine, and we moved as one to the rhythm. Silently, she held me captive.

Wicked Wednesday ~ Cougar
When a cougar looked my way #413

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15 thoughts on “Cougar ~ Suggestive Flash Fiction”

  1. I was thinking that I missed friday flash too. This is fab. You are so good at creating characters that you do flash fiction really well. I really enjoyed this and agree that more would be good 🙂

  2. ah yes those wicked women that know how to woo men. It is exciting when they hunt, taking their prey captive and playing with it before devouring it

  3. prime and vital… that’s me. Is it a prime and vital wants, the first woman to make me come. I was 18, I don’t know how old she was late 20s or 30s. I should’ve written that story for the cougar theme.

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