Creators – Friends – Supporters – Givers

Creators – Friends – Supporters – Givers

I really wanted to write this post in recognition of so many people I am in someway involved with – out there – on the world wide web!

Creators, friends, supporters, givers. I appreciate you all. There are so many ways to be a doer within a community. And I have met lots of you during this strange year. The year of Covid. At times I have felt I would not have made it through without some of your words, pictures, support or kindness. This post is my way of saying thank you. I will attempt to put some structure to it 😉 If you are mentioned in anyway it is because you make a difference out there and to me…

Community Givers and Creators

Mainstays – a person or thing on which something else is based or depends.

Blogging mainstays

I do tend to give a bit of my time to the community via memes and other projects and so do many of you.

Marie Rebelle ~ A wonderful friend and long term meme provider – along with many other projects over the years – that have greatly benefited the blogging world. Not only that, she consistently contributes to other blogger’s work. I have tried to follow her example. IMO she is a good example to follow.

Submissy, His Lordship & little gem ~ First Missy is a lovely person to be chums with and what she has created with His Lordship, and more recently little gem, is an amazing, all-round resource for those in a D’s dynamic.

Twitter mainstays

Master’s Eye ~ Eye is a consistent source of positivity and an all round fab person. She writes brilliantly too. On Twitter she often leads a daily themed project such as  music thru the decades but Three Things is really her thing. It reminds us all to remember the small positives in our life.

Posy Churchgate ~ A great girlie pal, very sexy writer, reviewer of books and wonderful promoter of so many. A week does not go by without Posy rallying the troops on Twitter. She is a natural at this. I am very grateful to have her in my corner. Posy and I collaborate on the #4thoughts new bloggers. She also runs a bookclub via the safeword club. (link provided above.)

Man Called Alice ~ Alice has a blog to showcase his images and tell his story. But it is on Twitter that I think he provides a great service 😉 I have said it before but his images often make my day. How wonderful to be able to do that.

Cousin Pons ~ CP is a gentleman and a friend. I nag him a bit – it has to be said – but that is because I need more of his wonderful writing.  I also adore the photos he posts on Twitter. CP goes out and about quite a bit and returns with some brilliant images of what he has seen. And occasionally simply of Billy his cat.

Steve ~ Steve of Fridayam writes amazing poetry. Every day on Twitter I am lucky to be linked to a new or old poem of his. Not only that Steve is extremely supportive with a great nose for a good book too.

slave sindee ~ sindee is a follower of many blogs and people. I really appreciate their support and encouragement via comments and tweets.

Eve ~ I look forward to Eve’s tweets as well as her posts. I love that she has a go at the music quiz each day and look out for her scores. This is someone else I hope to meet one day.

Off social media creators

There are quite a few writers/bloggers I like who are not on social media. Here are my two favourites.

Mrs Fever ~ Over on Temperature’s Rising Mrs Fever shows us all how to blog. I think she is one of the best bloggers around. Not only that, she also comes up with fabulous themes for memes through out the year. Feve is a jolly generous person.

Collared Michael ~ Michael writes about his journey into caged male chastity and it is fascinating. He has quite a following, as you can imagine. Michael is a great supporter of many blogs in the community.

Creators with the right attitude

In the blogging and social media world it is so important to be light hearted and positive.

Modesty ~ Oh my I love Modesty. She never fails to put a smile on my face when I pop over to her blog. He attitude to life is brilliant and I totally commend her. You should all follow Modesty!

Elliott Henry ~ Elliott is a kind and generous guy. His blog continues to evolve with guest posts and wonderful images of Dream Catcher – and of course – self portraits too. He has a super outlook on life and often makes me smile.

New Friends and Supporters

Vlad Lioncourt ~ I have know Vlad since 2019 when I hosted what proved to be a very popular guest post for him. From then on Vlad could do no wrong in my eyes 😉 He is a gentleman and writes extremely erotic literature. He is forever supporting those around him.

Sleepless in erotica ~ Kate joined in with my Fiction Relay project earlier this year and I have been a fan of her writing and red hair ever since! Kate is a consistent supporter of the writing community – which I am greatly enjoying being part of.

Isoellen ~ Isoellen was the first person I agreed to interview me via her podcast. I never fancied it. But listening to some of her other interviews it sounded rather fun. And it was. Like a girlie chat. I could have stayed all night. Iso writes too.

Toolie ~ Toolie and I became friends earlier this year when he was writing for the smut marathon. He has written a couple of very popular and interesting guest posts for me. One day, when the madness is over, I would like to sit in a country pub chatting with this man over a pint, or two!

MLSlavePuppet ~ I see ML as my online daughter. So even though I follow her fabulous blog I don’t read every post 😉 The trouble with maternal instincts. ML also runs a meme from her site – aptly entitled “Tie Me Up.” She is a terrific young women with a large heart and on occasions a wise head too. Over this year I have very much valued her friendship.

Liz Black ~ In my opinion Liz is an individual and I like that. She has her own mind and will use it 😉 Her words put this across whether she is writing fiction or musings. Find all the information on her sterling blog. She is also very experienced at reviewing sex toys!

Nero ~ I don’t think I need to add more. After all I recently dedicated a post to him!


In this post I am promoting each person I mention with a few links. A way of giving back. But this is not a Blogging List. Many people who I am mentioning in this post don’t even have a blog.

Blog Roll

I have a new blog roll – in the sidebar of some of my posts on the desktop site, and also in the footer menu on mobile and desktop. It includes the blogs I admire most and try to read on a regular basis.

WP Reader

Another way I support blogs I like is to follow them in the WordPress reader. Then I can easily see when they publish a new post.

Two Blog Mentions

I have linked to many blogs above so at this point I just want to mention a couple of blogs.

  • Life of a Kinky Wife ~ Mrs K’s Site is IMO the best new blog I have come across over the last year. Although I would also like to say I feature fabulous new bloggers on my meme 4thoughts each month. I did read somewhere that not many good new bloggers emerged in 2020. I absolutly disagree – check these out.
  • Marriage Sex and More ~ This blog has really impressed me with its individual content. It has been going for over 18 mths and I am finding many of the articles refreshing to read. I think if you are not aware of them take a look.

Missing in action?

Finally I want to mention those missing.

  • Sassy Cat ~ Very, very sad to see her blog and meme site go. Cat was one of the amazing creators. She contributed so much for many years and I greatly enjoyed her work and learned a lot from her. I helped run her mental health meme for a quite some time. A worth while project. If any of you are looking to join a new mental health type meme check out Mindful Moments from Barefoot.
  • Sweetgirl  ~ Sweet’s blog is still around but I miss her effervescent presence in other ways.
  • Kilted Wookie ~ Another kind of casualty from this difficult year – in more ways than one. I hope he will be back!
  • Miss Scarlett ~ Such a lovely lady and I really enjoyed her blog. I hope she returns soon.
  • Melody ~ I miss Melody. I miss her writing and her images. Plus, I miss her support and her intelligence. I miss Melody.

May missed the action! Update…

Francesca Demont

I am always happy to admit when I have messed up. This time I missed someone and wanted to amend. I was talking to my man over dinner about this lady and how I read her blog during lockdown when I was in Glasgow and hating the world and myself and every thing around. I was also missing my kids. One in New York. Yes, New York – New York. Probably within a walk from Francesca. So I read Francesca’s blog. Her struggles and her thoughts. There alone with her baby. Oh – how I missed mine. Still my baby at 21 and alone in New York, locked down. Reading Francesca’s blog made me feel closer to my daughter. And opened floodgates of emotions that needed to escape. Thanks to Francesca. She is super lady, and I appreciated her blog so much this last year.

24 thoughts on “Creators – Friends – Supporters – Givers

  1. Thank You for including me on the side link 🤗

    I’m neither prolific or a “sexual activity/kink/fantasy fiction” blogger, so I’m a weird niche.

    My extended thanks also go to as without Her, my thoughts would not be available

    Best Wishes

  2. This is such a wonderful idea, May, and thank you for including me here. You are a dear friend, and I love working alongside you on Blogable, and to just know you as a person. Thank you for being so creative, for keeping me on my tip-toes and for being a friend <3
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I wanted a way of recognising everyone that contributes and supports – not just bloggers. This seemed like a good idea 😉
      It has been a good year for friendship and I value yours greatly xx

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this May, your support and kindness has been particularly invaluable to me this year.

    You have checked in on me from time to time and that is something I have been very grateful for.

    Thank you again.

    Sweetgirl x

  4. Thank you so much for including me/us in this amazing list. I have always loved and admired the way that you promote others and this ‘not a list’ post is no exception. Your creativity and skill at doing this is something I aspire to and I agree with what you say about those you have included. I am pleased and proud to be included and also to be able to call you my friend. Thank you, May, for everything ❤️ Missy x

    1. Missy it has been such a year – I wrote this as so many people, including you, helped me make it thru. Also you create such a wonderful safe area for others – That s so important and should be recognised
      May xx

  5. What a lovely post this is May. Aside from your mention of me, which makes me proud and thankful for your friendship and support – you’ve highlighted some wonderful folk. I resolutely agree with your selection of contributors and supporters – so many to whom you’ve given a shout out, have likewise boosted or inspired me during the past year.

    Please continue just as you are May. You’re generous, inspirational, nurturing and forthright. I am entertained and educated by your writing while your energy, and your images are fabulous. You are one of the strongest and most honest people I have ever met which makes me proud to be your gal-pal.

    It’s delightful we keep discovering ways to work together and assist each other. Here’s to more of the positive stuff for 2021.

  6. Onlyb2 pints!!!
    Many thanks for this year, you’ve cajoled, encouraged, prompted and been an all round good egg. It’s appreciated x

  7. Thank you May. It’s lovely to be included in such great company. It’s also really great that you’re such a wonderful person, who always helps others! The world needs more of that!

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