Heading up to a Crescendo ~ MysteryVibe Review

Heading up to a Crescendo ~ MysteryVibe Review

We had planned a Date Night. I was particularly eager because I had an outfit in mind that would remind him of one of our first date nights, four years ago.

I also had a new toy that I wanted to incorporate into our play – the Crescendo vibrator from Mystery Vibe. As soon as I opened the package and saw the box, I knew it promised to be a high-quality product.


Earlier in the day, I had charged the Crescendo – very easily – on its own wi-fi pad which I connected with a lead to my computer. Together we had looked over the simple instructions: turning it on and changing the vibration settings. It also has the facility to connect to an app, where you can make your own vibrating sequence.

I dressed as a sexy secretary. Tight black pencil skirt; white figure-hugging shirt with my tits spilling over the top; black stockings with  lacy suspender belt and matching knickers – with an eye mask to add mystery to the evening. I had my hair back too so I looked quite different to normal.


Sitting opposite me whilst we eat dinner, my man looked fascinated with the transformation. I knew he felt as if I was new to him. Someone different to handle his cock. Different fingers, a different touch.

We finished our wine. It was quite a turn on seeing him stare at me so intently. His deep brown eyes already undressing me as if it was our first time.

Leading me to a post in the sitting room he tied my hands above my head and explored me. Undoing some buttons and pulling up my skirt until he could see my stocking tops. His hands felt down the front of my knickers, feeling the smoothness of my newly shaven cunt, seeking out my moist, hungry slit and inserting a finger.

“Good. Wet girl…” he purred in my ear, sniffing his fingertips.

Grabbing a leather swat he lashed my arse with a couple of smacks.

Gasping with delight I stuck my bum out for its punishment. The material was warm yet sharp on my skin as he beat my backside with it.

He untied and moved me over to the sofa. Ordering me to perch down in front of him on a small table. He wanted to see the flesh on my thighs but also have me positioned so I could catch myself in the night time reflection of the window.


Releasing his cock, it peeped through his undone button flies, looking so hot – ready to stab me.

Grabbing my hair he pulled my head so that my generous lips – his words for them – were just resting on his swollen knob.

“Look at yourself in the window and see how well you suck…”

I obeyed and watched my mouth consume the top of his cock. This was a first for me and I was fascinated. I pulled back slightly and continued to gaze at the tip of my tongue, licking and teasing the thin strip of skin attached to the shaft.

“Fuck that feels good.  Dirty bitch. Now kneel over the end of the sofa and look while I fuck you, doggy style, from behind.”

I knelt as he spanked my arse a couple of times, yanked my panties down, before thrusting his dick deep into my cunt. I could see the expression on his face and felt him dig his fingers into my arse cheeks for stability. He looked lost in his own pleasure;  eyes fixed on his cock while it fucked my cunt for his own enjoyment.

With a heavy moan, he pulled out and grabbed the whip. Pushing me roughly down into the cushions to keep me in place, he began to lash my back and arse. All the while I was still peeking at our reflection in the window pane. His cock getting harder with every yelp I made.

Turning me over he fell between my legs and began to lick, working along my slit. His tongue delving into my hole as I thrust my hips forward making sure he got a faceful of my sex.

Grabbing the Crescendo he switched it on and very swiftly adjusted the vibration. Holding it against my face he stroked my cheek and then my breasts. The toy felt silky smooth.

He grasped the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth with one hand. Using the other to bend the Crescendo into a C shape – inserting the vibrating end into my cunt and shaping the tail to massage my clit. I was very hyped from the games so far and this felt amazing. Our sort of sexual interaction is very intense so we rarely include sex toys. Maybe a butt plug or dildo, but the adrenalin is so high anyway. The versatility – the various shapes you can make with the Crescendo – meant he could bend it to shaft me and stimulate my clit as well – a win-win!  😉

I was almost reaching a crescendo myself but managed to carry on sucking his cock as it swelled, and in a sudden burst, sprayed my mouth and cheeks – accompanied by his satisfied groans and grunts.

Looking down at me with a smile on his face,

“My cum is dripping down your chin, you really are a filthy slut.”

Almost immediately he straddled me in a 69 position. His wet cock was bobbing over my face and he began to deftly lick my clitoris – his tongue darting over the heightened surface. A the same time he switched the Crescendo round so the end was still in my cunt but the rest was now bent round and throbbing between my arse cheeks, right over my anus. I do love anal play and the sensation from this was just what I needed. I could not hold back any longer and I – noisily and intensely – climaxed – falling back on the sofa, still and fulfilled.

Our opinion – We will definitely use the Crescendo again as part of our sexual exploits


Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

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16 thoughts on “Heading up to a Crescendo ~ MysteryVibe Review

  1. Sounds like it was a highly erotic evening, and your outfit sounds like a dream come true to a lot of husbands/ partners!

    The Crescendo seems very versatile too, and I love the style of your review here! Hot hot hot ?

    1. Thank you – that’s got to be the way I do them really – I felt the same as you and there are so many who do the formal type brilliantly i knew i could not compete with them 😉

  2. Awww honey what a lovely filthy sexy time you both had. Toy sounds good too, too bad I’ve sworn of buying any more for the time being!

  3. May! it was indeed a triumph! You’re right, this is a better style of toy review for your site than the more formal ones. It was hot, exciting, playful and informative, and the pictures are great illustrations of how you chose to use the Crescendo (which sounds a great piece of kit!)

    I have to say, watching your night reflection in the window pane was probably the hottest touch in your scene, and I imagine it was sexier and more of a turn because it was an imperfect reflection – a bit more shadowy so you could wonder if that was really you sucking your man so lasciviously! Great job – no wonder so many of us readers are in a puddle of lust right now!

  4. Nah, I don’t believe a word of it. It’s just a work of fiction created solely to render me a quivering puddle on the floor. Job well done May, you hit all my buttons with this post – the words, the pictures, the insane hotness… kudos to you both.

  5. This is super hot and I love how you have incorporated your review into an account of your steamy scene. Great pictures too ?

  6. Your dirty, filthy, hot, encounter has left me breathless May. What a wonderful time the pair of you had, ably assisted by the aptly named Crescendo . CPxx

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