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Mystery Surrounding Missing Woman Continues

Grace Atwood, who was last seen at the invitation-only Buckinghamshire District Gentleman and Nudes county party, has still not returned to her Beaconsfield home, and now her family fear for her safety.

The annual fancy dress picnic was held last Sunday afternoon. Grace attended the event with her twin sister Lucy and two of their University friends.

Lucy Atwood told our correspondent that her sister wandered away from their group to refresh her self in the nearby pond after some cross words had been exchanged.

Lucy told the Daily District News,

“It was an extremely hot afternoon. I undressed as per instruction on the invite. Grace refused to take off her white dress. The men moaned at her as the theme of the party was gentleman’s attire and nudes. She walked off in a huff saying she needed to cool down. I last saw her splashing water on herself at the nearby pond. The next time I looked up she was no where to be seen. Naturally, I am beside my self with worry”

Local Man helping with enquires

A local artist, Jeremy Bigger, had been at the party sketching the different picnic groups. It is thought that he drew this image moments before her disappearance. He is now helping the police with their enquires.

When Grace had not returned to campus by the following morning, Lucy alerted the police who are liaising with the media and the party organisers to facilitate her return.

Furthermore, the organisers of the annual event want to make it clear that they are not in any way liable for her disappearance and have no idea where Grace may be.

The police and the family of Miss Atwood urge any readers or attendees of the party, who may know the young ladies whereabouts, to call them.

Art Twist 1 ~ Manet

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  1. May, I am impressed with your creative take on this prompt. It seems like a real newspaper account. I liked your humorous touch and how are you wove all the elements of the painting into your story.

  2. I love the creative story telling of this (and something I was tempted to do), so well done!

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