Review ~ Dancing Dirty with the Zumio X

Having viewed some images, I was genuinely curious about the Zumio X. The strange shape intrigued me. So when the company asked if I wanted to try it I jumped at the chance. Well, not literally. I emailed the nice man back and said I’d be happy to give the toy a whirl. The question was, would the toy give me a whirl?

Date Night Thrashing

My man and I were due a proper date night. We hadn’t really set aside time for a few months. Not only that I was itching to be thrashed.

Dressed to Thrill

He gave a slow smile when I appeared all in black: long boots, a sheer negligee and dress jacket. I looked a lot like a slut who wanted to be whipped. But good things come to those who wait. First we needed to eat and relax with a bottle of Cava.


We soon moved into the sitting room and my man stoked up the wood burner, turning the lights down low. I sat in front of the fire on a low wooden table and watched the flames tease the logs with their snaked tongues. Then I thought enough metaphors, where’s the Zumio?

I had charged the toy earlier. After we had figured out the instructions we had both been impressed by the ease of the button controls. I grabbed it from the sitting room, where it had become rather attached to my computer (charging) and placed it within easy reach on the cabinet in the corner of the living room. Resuming my position on the coffee table.

Begin the Beguine

My man came up behind me, putting his hands down the front of the jacket where my boobs were spilling through the neckline. He pinched at a nipple until I squealed and slowly undid the buttons of the jacket and slipped it off. The sheer fabric of the lingerie covered very little, but he pulled it tight on each side of my breasts, thrusting them up and out. Then he ordered me to stand and bend forward, hands down on the table, raising my arse, feet apart.

Image linked for Lingerie is for Everyone #LIFE 47

I wasn’t wearing any panties and immediately felt his tongue delve like a probe into my cunt and anus. Next the lube was applied to my bum hole before he inserted a butt plug. Taking my favourite hand-made whip, he smacked down hard on to my back several times in quick succession. The sensation was glorious. The slight pain of each thwack was followed by the soothing caress from its suede tendrils.

“Harder,” I said. Knowing he likes it when I ask – but also because I needed the pain to be stronger.

He swung at me with increasing force, now punishing my bum-cheeks. With each blow I involuntarily clenched my arse around the plug. My newly-shaven cunt began pulsing in reply to the whipping.

He stopped and stood in my eye-line undoing his fly. His cock sprang out hard.

“This is what whipping you does to me.” Moving round, he aimed the head at the entrance to my pussy.

Full to the Brim

The feeling of having your arsehole filled with a butt plug is simply hot. But when your cunt is then filled with a cock the sensation of fullness is immense and very satisfying. So, with his dick shunting me back and forth, my hands still spread wide apart on the table, my tits began to sway below, rubbing the warm pine. He began to grab handfuls of both, stopping only to slap the yielding flesh until I cried out – needing to change positions.

I was allowed to kneel by the table.

He came around the side – it was just the right height for him to press my chest and face onto the hard wood and slip his cock into my mouth.

“That’s it. Fucking slut. Arse and mouth both full.”

He wasted no time ramming his dick all the way into my throat. I spluttered as he crushed the side of my face further into the table so my position was exactly right for him to use my face like a cunt.

Pulling out he stroked my hair back and whispered, “good girl,” in my ear. My cunt tingled at his words.

Sixty Nine

Making the most of the rather useful table, he spun me over and straddled my head. His mouth was between my thighs, his cock and balls dangling over my face.

My man is an expert with his tongue. He flicked back and forth over my sensitive clit while thumbing the butt plug to fuck my arse. Within minutes I was screaming out as the orgasm surged through my body. In reply, he slowly and deliberately shot his come into my mouth and over my face – after insisting I gently lick the tip of his knob – ordering me to keep my mouth open until it filled, spunk dribbling between my lips and down my chin.

Did we forget Something?

We cleaned up and sat back on the sofa with a glass of Spanish bubbly. That had been hot. Just what I needed. It was then that I spied the Zumio, waiting patiently in the corner. It was a glowing shape, deep purple in the light of the table lamp.

“The Zumio,” I exclaimed. “We forgot to use it!”

“The night is young.” My man smiled.

The thing is, if you read my blog, you will know I am not prone to multiple orgasms or even two in the same evening/session. I have always been like that. My orgasms are quite strong and occasionally very intense so I never feel like I’m missing out. Others talk about several small climaxes. That does not really happen to me – one shuddering climax is normally enough. What I am trying to say is, I usually stop there. But here was the Zumio. All revved up and ready to go. And I did so want some more thrashing.

Round Two ~ Zumio X rated

Positioned over the arm of the sofa my man stood beside me. Whip in one hand, Zumio in the other. Once again the tendrils felt amazing. I could see his cock hardening for the second time at the sight of me writhing around under his control. He turned on the toy and wandered the vibrating point all over my slit as I stood motionless. It licked and tantalised the moist skin. More than aroused I lay back on the cushions and opened my legs wanting more.

My man decided I would have to wait and instead used the Zumio to explore other parts of my body. The feeling was as curious as the look of the toy. As it grazed a nipple the sensations made me shiver with the thrill of the tingles it was giving me. Finally,  he drew the tapered end down and ran it through the fleshy folds of my cunt. I began to lift my hips against the toy, surprised at how sexy this felt.

Then I could stand it no longer and asked if I could handle the toy myself. With a smile my man passed the Zumio X to me. Immediately I began teasing my bud with the tiny shaking tip. Pressing down and then hovering above. Each time it stroked my clitoris I felt ready to explode. At this point my man sensed my need to climax and began to maneuver the butt plug deeper in my ass. This was as hot as hell. (Do you think we get to do this dirty stuff down there, in hell? )

As the pin head circled and pulsed over my swollen cunt lips the orgasm started. Slow at first. Just teetering on the edge, teasing me, then burst forth and took me over. Noisily. Very noisily.

Zumio X  Slideshow

What a night. Although I did find it tricky removing the Zumio’s box from its cardboard sleeve, once freed, the toy itself was not at all difficult to use. And I certainly won’t forget how it helped us with a little extra dirty dancing until that rare bird –the elusive May More second orgasm– took flight.  From now on nobody puts Zumio in a corner!

Zumio X Goodies

I agreed with Zumio to give an honest review of this toy – and I don’t lie ? You can find them on Twitter.

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21 thoughts on “Review ~ Dancing Dirty with the Zumio X”

  1. Super sexy date night May – you look stunning and your description of the events were Magma Hot! I love how honest and frank you always are, nearly forgetting the star of the piece, but it really came into its own didn’t it. I’m a little like you (1 big orgasm) and I think a bigger, less pinpoint toy might have been too intense on your clit – this was the right tool for the job.

    Top marks for presentation (gorgeous photos) and the imagery and storytelling fab as ever.

  2. Farking hell, May! THIS WAS SO HOT! and the spilling out of the negligee is burned into my brain … i honestly need a lie down after reading this.

  3. I haven’t read your words, May simply because I don’t read reviews of products I am working on until mine is posted, but I will be back to read.

    I just wanted to say how utterly delicious you look here and I look forward to reading on what you think of the Zumio x

  4. What a perfect, and completely explosive date night, and so beautifully described. Your photos are also stunning – have you been or are you a professional model?? Such physical perfection is rare indeed. Thank you for sharing.

    The active part played by the fire gave it a distinctly Canadian feel. Wonder if they ship overseas? ?

  5. As an active participant in the date-night described, I would like to declare an interest in this post. I hereby state for the record that all the events took place exactly as described and were every bit as hot as readers are imagining.

  6. This is such a hot read! I could imagine it all vividly, and additionally I can’t get over the outfit you were wearing. LOVE it. I also enjoyed how after the first ‘session’ so to say you were like… wait, we forgot…! And then the session continued haha

  7. Yowser! Your writing has induced an erection… I mean… ‘a stirring in my loins’.
    A very hot story May and so well written it has (bizarrely) made me wish I was actually in the room watching you two. Which is redundant given I feel like I was there in the room watching anyway.

    And I think my wife might appreciate the Zumio more than the lamp I bought her for Xmas.

    1. A lamp Nero! what ever were u thinking? Glad you felt u were there in the room – don’t get me wrong I don’t want u watching but that IS what i try and achieve with my writing – on the date night stuff 😉

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