December 2019

December 2019 Summary & The Lists #SoSS

December 2019 was OK – all things considered.

Two great things:

Firstly landing Sex Matters the Number 2 spot in the Chaturbate sex blogging list. I’m very proud. I entered the list in 2017 at number 51. Then I sped up to number 8 last year and was fortunate to shimmie along to number 2 for the 2019 list.

Last year my blogging goal was to write for money – more about that in my EOY post. So having achieved that AND finding my self at number 2 was simply awesome.

The second  great thing about December was I got to chill a bit with Eye once again. Always a pleasure and I have featured our legs from that very afternoon as the header shot.

Last year we also got together in December and took a very sexy, boobie-licious image which is currently being used as the Masturbation Monday Prompt. It is worth a peek 😉

My December 2019 Blogging Summary

Writing, Audio and Images

The most read post of mine in December was the one where I get to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped me on my way in the blogging world.

Followed by my promotional attempt regarding my first e-book – The Curse. My man and I recreated the book cover. We worked hard and it is a good attempt.

My personal favourite post on Sex Matters was a story about life and loss – I would love your to read it. It was chosen for the Wicked Wednesday roundup.

From my older posts Smile for the camera is fast becoming one of the most popular posts of the whole year.

Mr More once more guested for me with a post I need to follow up, all about how he abstained from intercourse for 30 years or so. He also landed a featured post in Elust magazine with his ode to the sex blogger. Don’t forget you can catch him on his own blog as well.

And I published my third Radio More Story – Whispered Obscenities. Please have a listen. These are not simply audio arotica. They are more like a story you may hear narrated on the radio, with sound effects – but not lewd ones 😉

This was my most viewed image, cold outside.

Baby it’s cold outside

Although this one of my bottom was IMO the better shot.

Work for Others.

During December 2019 I published two sponsored posts.

December Sharing SoSS

My SoSS is all about lists. Love em or hate em December is the month they always appear. My own blogger list is the More 24. And I also created the F4T Chef list with Floss’s approval.

I read Violets great post about … well in her own words:

This post is for all the bloggers who aren’t on a list, and who didn’t get a shout out. This is for the blogs that fly under the radar because self promotion is hard, and blogging is hard, and some days we just can’t. This one’s for the blogs that have had an off year, or took a sabbatical, or rearranged their priorities.

I think this was a wonderful idea agree with her sentiment and would like to also say blogging is great and if I can make a success of it then I really believe anyone can – and should. There is plenty of room for us all. I do spend quite a bit of time encouraging the new bloggers and so many fabulous writers have become part of our community this last year. So even though I understand it can be a little disappointing or hurtful when you don’t find yourself recommended to others on a list it should not be taken personally. We all publish varied content and could not possibly appeal to everyone. We are individuals so naturally different things appeal to each and every one of us.

The main thing that make blogging lists worthwhile is they help others find content. Ml-slave reiterated this when she commented on my post saying-

I’m a big fan of these lists. For a very long time I had no idea there were these kinds of blogs out there and it’s such a pleasure to keep on finding more and more and these lists are great for that.

And that’s what I think too. The list can shine a light on so many different blogs that may not have been seen otherwise. They are as varied as the bloggers who post them.

Here are some great lists promoting various blogs. If you are new to blogging and want to check out other sites this is where to look. The sites included may even inspire a new blogger or two.

My lists and Molly’s Top 100 are linked above. Here are some more in no particular order.

Deviant Succubus ~ My Top 20 Sex Blogs 2019.

Brigit Delaney ~ My Top 10 of 2019.

Francesca Demont ~ My Top 10 Memorable Posts of 2019

Rebel’s Notes ~ Rebel’s Top 201 of  ’19

Kilted Wookie ~ The Naughty List 2019.

Floss Does Life ~ Top 20′ Lovelies 2019

AskMeFast ~ Reflections and 2019 Bloggers

Melody’s Insights ~ 2019 That was the year that was

Sweet Girl’s Journal ~ Sweetgirl’s List of Inspirational Bloggers

J.Lynn ~ A Holly Jolly Soss

If you have published a sex bloggers list that I have missed, or plan to write one, please add it in the comments section and I will include it here as soon as I can.

SoSS Image Share

Love this from MLSlave.

SB4MH December 2019

And last but never least the Spotlight Post for SB4Mh chosen by Melody:

Going back through this month’s #sb4mh posts, some of them seemed so long ago, what with Christmas descending on us.  It’s been a strong month for both topics and writing.  My own issues around Christmas and family echoed in sympathy with the posts of others.  It really comes across how difficult many people find this time of year to be.
Thank you to all who linked during this month, regular, new and occasional writers.  I hope you’ll continue to provide insights and perspectives for the coming year.  I do wish all of you the very best for 2020, whatever your goals for coping, even survival, are.
When it comes to picking a post, there was one that really stood out and struck a chord.  I can imagine that several bloggers could have written different sections of it, but to see it all in one post was truly powerful.  You don’t need to have read some of the back story to understand it.  But if you have followed it, you’re right on board with the righteous anger and ready to march under the banner.
This month’s #sb4mh spotlight is by Deviant Succubus – Apologize to me.

So that is all for December 2019. I have an End of Year post coming soon reflecting on 2019 and blog statistics. I will be linking it to this week F4Thought prompt of 2019 in a Nutshell.
Please check out my sponsor Secrexy if you want to purchase any sexy stuff for 2020.

14 thoughts on “December 2019 Summary & The Lists #SoSS”

  1. Great list of some amazing bloggers. It’s so hard to keep up with everyone so lists like this help learn who’s out there and remind me to go visit those folks I haven’t in a while! Here’s to a wonderful 2020!

  2. An excellent post May. You really covered lot of ground there. You are a great blogger and a wonderful supporter of other bloggers. Wishing you happy blogging in 2020. xx

  3. What a lovely post. I think you’re very supportive and helpful of everyone in the community and a continuous positive source. Your lists and mentions are so useful to find others and you’re definitely an example for me!

  4. wonderful post, inspiring and inclusive. I hope 2020 is fantastic for everyone, and that more and more people write about well all things intimate – if for no other reason than to spread the message that sex is not shameful, kink is not degenerate and that every single body is beautiful and sexy!

    Sweetgirl x

    1. I remember your post – so sorry for not including it, Xmas has left me a little scrabbled and on catch up – sorted now – a fab list from u too x

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