December~Blogging Summary, SoSS & EOY

December~Blogging Summary, SoSS & EOY

Well, it has been an incredibly mild winter – thinking back to last December when most of us in the UK were besieged by snow. I like the look of the white stuff but it is so much easier to get on without it.

I’m now nearing nine weeks under Twitter’s shadowban. It has been constant. I have not even been allowed out for a day or two. I fear someone may be targetting me and reporting my tweets for the hell of it.  But what can I do?  I don’t really want to start a new account.

My December Blogging Summary

Writing on my Blog

My most popular post this last month was also written in December – Top of the blogs. I listed 40 blogs that over the year I like and/or have interacted positively with. Quite a lot, particularly as I included another section for those that most inspire me, plus new blogs I like too. Next year I may try and get it down to 25 but because I am very active in the community I want to support the blogs I think have added something to my year. That’s why the list is larger than most.

I revamped Sinners part one – all about a young girls affair with a priest. Cousin Pons and I once more collaborated and he wrote part one from the priests POV.  Last week I followed up with Sinners Part Two – Christina returns to see the priest and had a very dirty time! Cousin Pons swiftly responded with his own Part Two, the priest’s view of events. It is a real gem! If you like priest erotica have a read.

I also wrote an interesting little post about Jesus. Very tongue in cheek but I enjoyed writing it.


This was the favourite image of mine that I posted in December. Molly shared it in a SoSS post. It is simple but effective.

White Shirt
Writing Elsewhere

In December I had two articles published on other blogs.

The first was for the fabulous sex toy store Godemiche. All about my man and me doing our thing with a butt plug.

The second was for a really interesting site called the Big Fling, a blog all about dating, sex and relationships. I wrote a true-life tale about when a date night went wrong and how my man and I dealt with it.

I had my first story published by Bellesa on the last day of November.  Then a week or so ago I found out it had been viewed so much it was in their top ten stories for the whole of 2018. Not only that it became the fastest ever chart-climbing story, in their history. I was extremely chuffed about this 😉

Meme is Me ~ Soss for December


Over the last month or so I have had fun being involved in two memes in a more interactive way than simply writing for them.

I was the prompt for Masturbation Monday at the end of last month with this image.


There were some great stories penned using my photo as the inspiration. Here are my three favourites.

Recently I had the honour of choosing the round-up for Wicked Wednesday. The prompt was Time and I ended up with six favourites instead of the allowance of three. Here are the extra three.

Festive Image

This was the sexiest image I saw over the Christmas period. What a story it tells.

Copyright Molly Moore

When doing my monthly summary each month I tried to take an image for the header depicting that month in my eyes. You can have a look at my favourites here.

And my nine favourite images I have posted over the year can by also be viewed.

End of Year

Because I started doing monthly summaries in January and continued throughout the year, including a sharing post within them, I am not including a long end of year review.

I would like to highlight a few things though.

Smut Marathon

I was involved in the Smut Marathon from round one through to the final.  So for me and six others, it took up most of the year. You can read about my journey in the competition which may help you make up your mind as to whether you want to enter. I would highly recommend it if you’d like to improve your writing. Marie puts a lot of hard work into the competition to make sure it runs smoothly and it was an experience I would not have wanted to miss.

February Photofest

Another thing I would recommend joining in with is the February photofest. I did last year and had such fun with it. Read about it here.

During the photofest I got to know M from Cammies on the Floor, a little more. We both supported each other by commenting on each other’s photos. Her images were always amazing. Her scheduled posts are still being published.


I wanted to name three posts I have read over the last year that have stayed in my mind. Surely that is what we are trying to do with our work, have it remembered, not forgotten. Here are three written posts I can’t forget.

Malflic wrote this, the reason for his silence.

Cara wrote a three-part series about a robot. I thought it was this year but when I went to retrieve the link I realised it was last December. I have remembered it all year long.

Ella has written more than one post this year that had made me cry. But the one story that I can not forget is all about shadows. A great concept.


I wrote 152 posts during 2018 – here are the ten with the most views over the year.

  1. Why should we call ourselves sinners? ~ Sinners Part 1
  2. Censorship by default
  3. Eloise ~ Part one ~ Under my skin
  4. Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication
  5. Living with Chronic Lyme Disease
  6. Letters and Lonely Hearts
  7. Time ~ Looking Back & Travelling Forward
  8. The Curse. Part One ~ Black Spots
  9. Face Slapping ~ a controversial issue?
  10. Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me
New Year

So the blog I want to read more of during 2019 is The smutlancer by Kayla. So much important and useful information to learn about if you are trying to make money from your blog.  I will continue to try and do this in 2019.

If you have liked my work or I have supported or helped you during 2018 perhaps you would like to buy me a coffee? Actually, I am saving up for a new laptop as the one I am writing this on is slow and full and old.



13 thoughts on “December~Blogging Summary, SoSS & EOY

  1. Thank you for the mention May. 152 posts is an incredible achievement! I’ve really enjoyed your blog in 2018 and look forward to basking in more of your creativeness in 2019.


  2. Always a great read and sexy pics
    Love your blog and sexiness
    Hope You have a great New Year
    ps i usually re tweet your posts

  3. I’m so happy for you and your achievements this year. You are a super talented writer and I admire your dedication & devotion to the SB community. You are a star in my eyes and I adore you to bits!

  4. It’s no secret, you are one of my favorite writers, and owner of one of my favorite white blouses. Looking forward to seeing your 2019, May.

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