Dedication ~ Curves for Advent

Dedication ~ The Safeword advent calendar sets a task each day for those who want to participate.

I have not managed many. Well, when I say not many this is only my second one. But that’s OK. I have been checking out other bloggers posts and have been amazed at how wonderful people’s imaginations are. You really must pop over to Mr E and Lilly’s blog. They have created some great images for the calendar and monochromerotic and are certainly keeping me entertained.


Today the task for advent is a Christmas gift or dedication to someone. Well I would like to dedicate this image to my longest serving blogger friend – Nero Black.

We started out in 2017, and a bit before, participating in TMI Tuesday. It was a fun meme. I really must link up again sometime.

There are many things I like about Nero – one being he has such a healthy view of Twitter. And he has a great sense of humour too.

I think he may have commented in the past that he likes my boobs. 😉 So here s a kinky-ish boob shot for him.


I am not sure which edit I prefer  but I do I really like the minimalist feel to this photo and the way the curve of my breast is so defined. Plus, there is quite a lot of detail if you look closely. I suppose it is an arty shot rather than kinky, but does also feature a kinky sex toy.

As I said Nero and I go back a long way – in fact once I wrote a post for him. Well kind of. Have a read…

And also take a look at my part of a modern day Scrooge series. It is Posy’s brain-child and she invited Nero and me to bring it to life with her.

Stockings anyone?

If any of you are linking up to the calendar or other memes with images where stockings or tights are included please think about adding the post to 4Thoughts – Check out the link here. The prompt is hosted by the fabulous Man Called Alice.


16 thoughts on “Dedication ~ Curves for Advent”

  1. You do have lovely curves for sure and I also really like the image. I find it hard to say which as I prefer as they all hold something for me. I will be there for the stockings prompt too! Missy x

  2. I do like your boobs. They are gorgeous.
    All I want for Christmas is to have them in my hands … my face … my mouth …
    Yes, I know – you already got a man! So I hope he punishes you severely for teasing sad old men on the internet

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