Derelict Mansion for #SinfulSunday

Derelict Mansion for #SinfulSunday

At the beginning of October we had a wee  break in a small North Wales seaside town. The weather was very kind to us.

The locals all talked about a deserted and derelict mansion positioned in the woods and hills behind the town. Explaining the whole area was extremely overgrown and still walled.

A nice lady said that many people found an entrance into the grounds via a particular walk way. My man and I immediately thought – adventure. Packed some food and water and set off in search of the derelict mansion.

It was a difficult trek. Climbing over walls. Diving through brambles and almost losing a wellie in deep mud. But we made it.

This photo from a few weeks ago was taken in one of the old houses contained within the mansion estate.

Which leads me to last weeks Sinful Sunday shot- Desire. We carried on until we found the actual mansion.


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After wandering around in awe we stumbled across an amazing crumbling staircase.

staircase derelict mansion
Staircase inside the derelict mansion

There were other adventures scouting around so I quickly lay down and we captured the header image and the photo below. Shot quickly in succession, with a simple colour enhanced edit on one. This is the image that Desire was created from.

stair case woman

I used a filter from an editing suite. A free download. It skewed the image perfectly – or should I say imperfectly to create last weeks arty picture.

Talking about last weeks Sinful Sunday shots – this one was my favourite. It is stunning.

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34 thoughts on “Derelict Mansion for #SinfulSunday

  1. This is an amazing shot in a fabulous location. It reminds me of a place we found in Slovenia last year, but did we take advantage? No. I love also the colours that the lower sun gives at this time of year.

  2. That sounds like an amazing adventure and it was definitely worth the trek in my opinion. I would love to find somewhere like this at some point


  3. I agree with Modesty, a truly amazing location. I think your dramatic image tells a great story … my new favourite I think!

  4. What a gorgeous image May! What you created with it last week definitely suited the prompt, but this version is far more captivating to my mind x

  5. I love this shot. I went to comment on the posts for this week and this one jumped out at me. I usually try to go in turn but I had to click and see who’s it was. It is stunning ?

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