12 thoughts on “Diary Entry 1997 ~ Back from Holiday”

  1. Loved reading about this previous experience. It’s interesting how much the ‘mental’ element comes in to it for us women. Like you say, the actual sex part was ‘mediocre’, yet it sounds like you still found the experience thrilling and a lot of that was due to the build up.

  2. Oh May, definitely the diary of a younger version of you, showing insecurities and confusion which I doubt you would suffer from now. As others have said the detail you’ve recorded and the matter of fact way you deal with relationship issues is to be admired. Great post.

  3. I greatly enjoyed reading this May. You are a brilliant diarist. Your character, your fortitude, your thoughtfulness, your love of words, your compassion, are wonderfully evoked. Hang on, I forgot something, what was it? Oh yes – the sex. Sexual intercourse never sounded so arousing as from your pen, May. You make it such a natural occurance. Sex, cereal and jump stsrting the car. Literary genius. xx

  4. I’m really intrigued now … I so want to know what happened next. But when I clicked on to your “diaries from 1997” link it kept saying the page couldn’t be found.
    Oh the suspense !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. i will check that link – TY Modesty – this is as far as i have got, so there would be back dated ones only on my blog. I will make sure i tag u when i do the next episode of what happened after this one xx

  5. I might have said this before, but I really like reading from your diaries. It’s clear you really desired him, it shines through in your words.
    ~ Marie xox

  6. Interesting glimpse into almost a quarter century back. That was a very different time. Interesting glimpse of a different age and set of wants.

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